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While there are plenty of DJs out there who look down on DJing weddings, I am not one of them. We all have to start someplace and I have plenty of friends who love to DJ weddings. There are tons of single girls, everyone is in a happy mood and every day at work is like a party. On the downside, nonstop weddings can be…exhausting.

But unlike DJing at clubs and bars, you have a lot more creative license when you DJ a wedding in terms of the equipment you use. Of course you’ll need some standard equipment like a laptop or iPad, controllers, soundcards and whatnot. But you can also bring cool new toys that you don’t need or want at a dark and crowded club.

Now I’m not saying you should run out and buy these toys, but if you’re looking to add some funk to your next gig, these are the types of DJ equipment that will help.

Pioneer S-DJ80X

Not all DJs get to step into a booth fully decked out with an awesome sound system, leaving you to simply plug in your equipment and get ready to party. Unfortunately not every wedding you DJ will be worthy of a People magazine cover, which means you’ll have to learn how to make do with what you have.

These Pioneer speakers come in 3 different sizes, made from sturdy high-grade materials and the sound quality is incredible. The only downside is that the size of your speakers will determine how suitable they are for the reception venue. But when you DJ a wedding you should ask tons of questions ahead of time so you’ll have an idea how large the space is so you know if your cool new speakers will be sufficient.

American DJ Mega Go Bar

If you DJ a wedding that is not set up inside some fancy ballroom in an expensive hotel but rather let’s say a community center, lodge or gymnasium, you’ll need something to combat the awful fluorescent lighting and laminate floors. That’s where the Mega Go Bar comes to the rescue.

It’s great for wedding DJs because it’s small—just two feet—but it still packs a whopping 140 LEDs in varying colors. It’s a cool yet simple way to enhance your gig and if you do a good job this won’t be your first or last time DJing a wedding.

Also check out the American DJ Inno Color Beam 12 LED light.



Many of the wedding DJs I know spend more time than they would like hauling equipment from their vehicles to the reception venue and back, connecting and disconnecting wires and cables and fiddling with their mostly appropriate wedding DJ attire. Now there is nothing that can be done about the attire; if you’re going to DJ a wedding some sort of monkey suit is (usually) required. But you can lighten your load by testing out the Numark Orbit wireless controller.

This cool DJ toy even looks the part, but it works like a charm. It’s bright and colorful and it fits in your hand like a video game controller. And since weddings are all about interacting with the partygoers, you’ll love this wireless controller because it allows you to move about, tapping your feet and bopping your head to your own glorious beats.


Okay before you start blasting me for calling the infamous iPad a ‘DJ toy’ hear me out. We all know that thanks to djay the iPad is now becoming the mobile DJ’s best friend. As such, it is becoming a handy tool if you DJ a wedding or your gigs require lots of time on the road.

Using the iPad will allow you to not only get a few more miles out of your laptop, but it will lighten your cargo load and maybe even allow fewer trips from the car to the reception hall.

Watch Your Wallet

It’s no secret that weddings are big business. That doesn’t mean you need to blow and entire check on DJ equipment you don’t need. Trust me I’ve been there, with a room stacked full of half-used equipment that I had to eventually sell on eBay to make room for new purchases.

If you already have an iPad, for example, it would just cost a few extra bucks to get the djay app, but don’t go out a buy an iPad just so you don’t have to cart your laptop along.

Take stock of your current equipment and see what needs to be replaced. Then check out what you really need to DJ a wedding before deciding what to buy. Remember that impulse purchases, while fun, will not make for a fun evening if you don’t allow yourself time to learn how to use your cool new equipment.

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