4 Things That Don’t Determine DJ Success

What It Takes For DJ Success


You don’t just want to be a DJ; you want to be the best DJ possible if not ever. But you’re young and inexperienced and you think there’s no way you’ll end up like well-known DJs topping the charts and raking in the big bucks. Why? Because you’re nothing like them, of course.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure every field is made up of certain groups that define it—usually male and white—but that doesn’t mean you have to fit that mold to be a major success.

You Don’t Have To Be Male

Just because the top 10 earners in the DJ field are male doesn’t mean only men will make it to that pinnacle of success as a DJ. In fact this huge bias presents the perfect opportunity for lady DJs to experiment and give the masses something they didn’t even know they were looking for. Being bold and unexpected will allow female DJs to catch up to—and maybe bypass—their male colleagues.

It may seem like a plus to be male if you’re aiming for DJ success, but the guys have just had a longer go of it. I predict in a few years we won’t balk at the idea of several females breaking into the ranks of the best DJs in the world.

Youth Isn’t Necessary

Most of us think that DJing is a young man’s game…probably because most of us are young men. But the truth is that age has no bearing on one’s ability to be a damned good DJ. Just look to constant top earning DJs like Tiesto and David Guetta, both to 50 yet still two of the biggest names in the DJ world.

Despite what you thought when you were 15 it is totally possible to be both old and cool. As long as you know your music and you keep the crowd entertained, you can be as old as Jagger and still pack a club or a stadium.

Besides…really great music keeps you young!


Top Of The Line Gear

As DJs we place a lot of emphasis on gear, which leaves many new DJs thinking that it is all about the shiniest most expensive DJ equipment. It’s not. At all. If you have DJ gear that works and you know what you’re doing with it, you can still become a truly fantastic DJ. I’m sure if you made a list of your 20 favorite DJs you’ll probably find 20 different types of equipment.

From vinyl to digital and everything in between, your DJ gear is just the means by which you transmit your music to the masses. As long as they like what’s coming out of the speakers you don’t have anything to worry about.

Of course you should also treat your gear like the precious cargo it is, after all these are the tools of your trade. If you’re not comfortable with your DJ hardware, it will show in your music.

Your Look

Take a look at the guys (because they are all guys) topping the Forbes list of top earning DJs or the Top 100 DJs and you’ll notice that they don’t all fit into one mass-produced mold. You have the long hair, grungy look of Steve Aoki and Skrillex, the rocker look of Deadmau5 or the clean cut look that nearly all the rest of the DJs sport. You couldn’t look at any of them say “this guy screams DJ” because none of them do.

Don’t get so hung up on your wardrobe that you let what’s really important—the music—become mediocre. For the most part the standard DJ uniform is jeans and a t-shirt. Why? Because it is comfortable when you’re confined to a small space for hours at a time and if you’re comfortable you can focus on the job rather than your clothes.

You can always attempt to go trendy, topless or hipster if you want to get noticed, but comfort should be your priority in the DJ booth.

What Does…

There are plenty of superficial things like your look and your age that will have almost nothing to do with how well you do in your DJ career, but there are more important things that matter a lot more.

You do have to take your practice sessions seriously and make time to practice on a regular basis. I can promise you even the best DJs are always working to improve their skills and their sound. You should also be working toward having a solid social media presence so that you can build your following. You want to know that there will be eager clubbers lining up to hear you wherever on earth you have a gig.

Finally you should be putting it all out there for every gig you have. Play your heart out and give your best performance every time and your success will come.

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