5 Habits To Ensure Your DJ Success

Are You Working Like A DJ Or Playing Like A Party DJ?

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When you take a look at the DJs that make it big and those who don’t, doesn’t it make you wonder why one and not the other? What is so special about Tiesto and Avicii and not DJ whatshisname?

The truth is that achieving DJ success is about a lot more than spinning the tracks everyone wants to hear and coming up with some amazing mixes. Those who make it live and breathe the music but they also do a lot of other things throughout each day that allow them to keep up their energy to work towards the success they seek.

Ask yourself, am I doing everything I can to be the DJ I want to be? If you aren’t…what else could you be doing and why aren’t you already doing it?

Add these habits to your day and you just might be a few steps closer to professional DJ success!

Schedule Out Your Days

As a DJ you will find that your days fill up fast. So fast that you might not get everything done if you don’t schedule it. It isn’t good enough to simply block out two or three hours for “DJing” because you can spend that long doing any one thing.

When I say schedule your days I mean in blocks of 30 minutes or 1 or 2 hours. If you need to tend to your social media needs every day reserve an hour in your schedule so you have time each day. Then add in checking emails, look for new music and network. Whatever it is you need to do each day, put it in your schedule so at the end of the day you can rest easily knowing you’re doing everything you can to become a successful DJ.

Practice Everyday

One of the habits that will help you become the best and most confident DJ you can be, is practice. Don’t just wait until the day before a gig to brush up on your skills or start yoga so you can relax inside the DJ booth. Get up and make your practice sessions from 10 to 2 every day…or whatever block of time suits you.

Don’t make excuses to blow off practice today or tomorrow; make time so it becomes a habit. The later you wait to start your session the harder it will be to get started, so schedule it for a time when you feel most production. Because let’s be honest, creating Facebook posts doesn’t require the same concentration as practicing, so play with your schedule for a few days until you get one that makes you as productive as possible.

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New Music

The older you get and the more successful you get as a DJ in a particular genre of music, the less effort you are likely to put towards finding new music. I don’t just mean new music within your own genre, but just new music period.

I know that your life is busy and you really don’t want to waste an hour listening to music you don’t generally like, but think of it as homework. New music will give you ideas for your own mixes and mash ups, and it might just inspire you in some new way that takes your career to the next level.

If you don’t have an hour, just store up a few new songs each day that you can listen to while you’re doing the dishes, cleaning the house or working out.

Set Plenty Of Goals

As DJs we tend to think of our one big goal: becoming internationally famous DJs. But we often forget about all the smaller goals that will help us get there. I want you to make a habit of thinking about all the things you work toward each week as small goals that will help you reach your bigger goals.

Your goal for the next six months is to become more well-known, so the smaller goal that will help you get there is regular updates to your website and social media accounts. If you don’t have a particular social medium, sign up for it and start to populate it.

So make goals for each week that will help you gear up for the big goals. DJing isn’t about the one gig; it is about everything you do over time that contributes to your DJ success.

Reach Out

As great as it would be if all aspiring DJs could book gigs at the biggest and hottest clubs in the big city, it is totally unrealistic. Besides who’s going to DJ at those hot clubs not in the big city? I’m not saying abandon your urban roots; but I am saying that you need exposure to different crowds, promoters and venue owners and reaching out of your comfort zone is a great way to do it.

Expand your circle because it can only help. The promoters and DJs you meet away from your regular stomping grounds may be the ones who help you get that big gig you’re looking for. Or they may be the key to helping you get more DJ gigs so you can quit that day job.

Being a DJ is a long distance run. Being the first out the gate means nothing if you lose your stamina early on. So pace yourself and work hard toward your goals each day and be a successful DJ!

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