5 Pro DJ Tips To Help You Get More DJ Gigs

Remove the artist's cap and strap on the businessman's suspenders!

smush-Pro+DJ+gigsSo you have mastered the art of DJing. You know your DJ equipment like the back of your hand, you’re an old pro at using the software and you handle the mic like nobody’s business. That’s all great, fantastic actually, but being a pro DJ means that you have to be the artist and the businessman and that is where many DJs see their career stalled prematurely.

How you handle getting gigs and repeat gigs, networking and public relations will have a huge impact on your business. You already know that you’re a good DJ and you are learning more about it every day. That isn’t the problem. Now it’s time to work on the things that will allow you more gigs as a professional DJ.

Tip #1 – Branch Out

One of the most important things to remember while you’re still trying to find your footing as a DJ is that beggars can’t be choosers. While you may not actually be begging for gigs, you still don’t want to limit your options for getting DJ gigs. As a well-known big name pro DJ you can name your price, your venue and anything else you want. As a newbie you should be more concerned with getting more gigs under your belt and more satisfied clients.

To do this you will need to branch out your DJ business. It may insult your totally cool demeanor but let me as you this; would you rather gig at a club 3 days a week or have gigs booked 5 days a week…or more?

It seems like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many DJs waste away because they only want to gig at nightclubs. Branch out as a pro DJ to weddings, corporate functions, sweet sixteen parties, bar mitzvahs and the like. The more name recognition you have, the easier it will be later for you to pick and choose gigs.

Tip #2 – Get Testimonials

I want you to think about some well-known products like movies, infomercial products, records and books. These are some products that LOVE to use testimonials from satisfied customers because their weight carries a lot with potential customers.

This is another reason that branching out (see above) is so important as you build up your reputation as a pro DJ. You want to be able to say that “this crazy important tech corporation that I’ve worked for is completely satisfied by my work” or “this local celebrity bride said I made her wedding reception perfect”. These little endorsements can help you bring in new customers, plus if they are willing to publicly tout your credentials they are more likely to refer you to their friends.


Tip #3 – Price Competitively

You’d be surprised how many DJs tell me they’ve lost out on gigs to other pro DJs who have far less talent than them. Then I ask them a variety of questions, one of which is what’s your rate and guess what…that’s the problem!

You need to have competitive rates so that other DJs aren’t pricing you out of gigs. Now don’t set your rates so low that you’re losing money but you don’t also don’t want rates to be so high that no one can afford to hire you.

You can find out if your rates are too high by asking venue owners and promoters why you weren’t given a particular gig. Also you need to talk to your DJ friends and see how they price particular gigs.

Tip #4 – Get Reviews

You will notice that the big name DJs always have reviews when new albums come out or when they start a new residency at some ritzy venue. These reviews help sell more albums, tickets and merchandise for the pro DJs lucky enough to get them. You should follow their lead even if you don’t have an entire album to promote.

Reach out to local papers—big and small—and ask the music and entertainment writers to come to one of your gigs or listen to a track you plan to drop soon. Think Chicago Reader or LA Weekly and Village Voice for the types of media you should reach out to. Even if your customers never read that article you can use the quotes on your website and social media pages, plus you can use the article on your website to say hey look how great I am as a pro DJ.

This is where thinking outside the box can give your DJ career the boost it needs.

Tip #5 – Plan And Then Plan Some More

If you aren’t sure where to start to get your pro DJ career to the next level then you need to plan and then plan some more. Whether it is your sets, your social media strategy or your marketing, get a plan and execute it, making changes as needed.

You need to plan how you reach out to fans, potential fans, promoters, music writers and anyone else you might need to propel your DJ career forward. Having a plan is the best way to make sure you don’t skip a step on your way to pro DJ stardom.

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