5 Reasons Every Digital DJ Needs An Artist

Why You Need An Artist At Your Side

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As a professional DJ there are many different people you will need in your arsenal. In the early days of your career as a digital DJ you won’t have those staples that are now commonplace in the DJ world—managers, agents and publicists. But there will also be a stable of people you come to rely upon to help you get your career up and running. The problem for most new DJs is that they either don’t know they need these people or they can’t seem to find them.

You will need to have a roster of people in the DJ world including promoters and venue owners, but you will also need a few people closer to home. I’m talking about artists. Whether they use spray paint, acrylics or clicks of the mouse you will need at least one artist who can help you be the digital DJ you want to be.

Why? Keep reading for the answer.

Social Media

In this day and age you cannot be a digital DJ without having an impressive social media presence. And I do mean impressive. You can’t simply put up a photo now and again and expect to build a fan base. Nope. You need to be out there regularly posting updates about your current mixes, upcoming gigs, festivals, podcasts, interviews and yes, photos of your exciting life.

Why do you need an artist for this? The simple answer is that you want an eye-catching page with an awesome cover that will compel people to click on your page, like it and come back for more. A good artist can accomplish this in a single image.

Don’t just take my word for it; go and look at different DJ pages and take note of the ones that catch your eye.

Mixtape Covers

Other than DJ gigs, your mixtapes will be your bread & butter, so you need a good marketing strategy. That means you’ll need amazing cover art that draws people in. Remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when CDs and cassette tapes were judged, in part, based on the stellar cover art? Just because our music is digital these days doesn’t mean we don’t still judge a track by its cover.

Your mixtape cover is the equivalent of having cookies baking in the oven at an open house. It sets the tone and lets people know that there is some really good inside. For this you will need a good photographer or graphic artist…or both to give you a cover that accurately displays the awesomeness of the music contained within.


As a digital DJ your official website is the equivalent of your office and the main page is your hanging shingle. This means that your website needs to be more than eye-catching; it also needs to have a user friendly layout, a representative theme and high quality content your users will crave.

You will need a few different professionals to get your website ready for publication, but you will need a good web designer to give you the site you want. Don’t go for some plain old boring website template; this is the first impression many people will have of DJ whoever you are so…make it count.



You may not be at the point in your DJ career where you can seriously think about selling merchandise, but if you have a good artist on hand you may consider sooner than most. Whether you want to give out something simple like keychains and beer cozies or you want to make up t-shirts, bumper stickers and wrist cuffs, an artist who can create the designs you want will make all the difference.

If you have a logo for your DJ name—which we will get to in a sec—you might find it is a good way to gain a larger following. Certain symbols or names that gain a cult-like following can do a lot to propel you from DJ anonymity to success. An artist, silk screener and printer are just a few of the people you’ll find helpful to get your DJ merchandise made and sold.


Your logo should be something that instantly identifies you to fans and makes non-fans curious enough to learn more. The goal, of course, should make your logo akin to the Nike sign in that you don’t even need the brand name visible to know what that swoosh means.

Do you want to go with the stereotypical graffiti logo or do you have an image in mind that encompasses you, your style and your music?

I recommend you get a few ideas for your logo and have a few different artists draw it up in different themes and styles until you find the one you’re totally satisfied with.

The good news is that you can go online and get the help you need for many of these projects relatively cheap. You need a good artist by your side as a digital DJ, so find one who understands your style.

I hope I helped you make sure your artistic needs are met as a digital DJ. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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