5 Tips To Boost Attendance At Your DJ Gigs

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While it would be great if all the DJs all over the world could just focus on the music, the DJ scene isn’t like that. At all. Packing people into the bars and clubs that book you is an essential part of your job. Some ahem, more cynical DJs out there will tell you that packing the place is more important than the music. I’ll agree to disagree with that statement because a crap set will clear the club out faster than the police, but it is a major part of your job and the entertainment.

So many DJs endlessly post the when and where of their DJ gigs and that’s it. Then they wonder why no one showed up. It isn’t enough to just say “hey I’m playing here, show up!” and hope everyone who laid eyes on the post does in fact, show up. Nope, a little more than that is required to get people to show up.

Here are a few tips—in no particular order—I’ve found helpful.

Recruit Friends & Family

Since you have friends and family anxious to see you succeed as a professional DJ, recruit them to help you get where you need to be. Ask them to help in any way that you need them whether it is re-posting your promotions to expand your exposure, handing out flyers or creating some flashy art to promote your gig. Then…make sure they show up at your DJ gig with more friends and family in tow.

You may not want to “burden” them with helping you promote your DJ gigs, but think of it as having your own PR drones. They know people that you don’t, who may LOVE to hear you do your thang in the DJ booth.

Promote Other Acts

The DJ world is pretty small and it gets even smaller when your gig pool is relegated to a few small towns and cities. So you’ll inevitably work with other DJs you hate or don’t respect…deal with it. Because there might just be people who LOVE that DJ and show up to hear them and find out they now have another new favorite DJ.

My point is that promoting other DJs performing the same night as you is not only good PR it is also a great way to make sure you get as many people as possible to show up. This will endear you to other promoters and when you pack the house, the venue owners will be happy to book you again and again.

How To DJ promos


Bribery is always a good way to get people to do just about anything. But the good news is that you’re not really bribing them; you’re just getting them to come to your DJ gig instead of a million other clubs that night. really want to come where I am.” Plus, you know, people can’t say not to free stuff!

Talk to other DJs and see what type of things they offer to the first 50 or 100 people to show up. Believe me something as simple as a keychain or beer cozy is enough to get them to choose your club.

Tease The Hell Out Of Fans

One of the best things a DJ can do for music lovers is tease tease tease! If you have a new track that you’re planning for a special gig, tease them with bits and pieces of it. Release thirty seconds, talk about your inspiration and release a few snippets of tracks that ‘sound like’ the new one you’ve got. It can be a new remix or mash up that you’re excited for them to hear, but really it doesn’t matter.

Music fans can’t take not knowing what the rest of an unfinished track sounds like so give them enough to whet their appetites, then tell them to show up if they want to hear the rest. They will.

Live Tweet

When the night of your DJ gig arrives that doesn’t mean you have to stop trying to get people to show up. In the age of social media the digital DJ can make it so that he is constantly promoting. If you notice that you’re not getting enough people in within the first hour, hit up Twitter and Facebook and any other social media you use…and tell people to get their butts down to your club and dance the night away!

Just remember that you are there to DJ so don’t spend all night glued to your phone trying to get people to show up to your gig.

I hope I helped you get more people to show up at your DJ gigs. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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