5 Tips For Better DJ Promotions

Are You Doing Enough To Promote Yourself As A DJ?


It is your job as the DJ to not only get the party started, but also to actually create the party. Plenty of DJs email me wanting to know what they can do to better promote themselves. Why? The simple answer is that while most clubs will bring their own set of revelers, you also want people to show up to hear you do your thing…right?

But you’ve tried the tried and true social media methods and still you haven’t really increased the number of people that show up for your gigs. Well there is good news; there are things you can do—easy things—that will help you get more people showing up to your gigs with friends.

Special Offers

When you use social media to promote your gigs you have to do more than get a few hundreds ‘Likes’ to get people to actually show up. One of the biggest problems DJs have with platforms like Facebook is that it is far easier to hit a thumbs up button than it is to actually get dressed and drag your butt to a club on a Thursday night. So you have to give them a reason to want to show up, if your awesome DJing isn’t enough.

I find that special offers make people feel more invested in showing up, but just be sure that your offers don’t require you to eat into your profits too much. Some ways in which you can use special offers include: free t-shirts for first 25 people in the door or a free drink if you bring 5 or more people.

One of my DJ friends did a poll on his Facebook page about one of his tracks and instead of giving anything away, he told everyone that the winning track would be played at his next gig. He packed the house.

Promote Everyone

Doing DJ promotions is a tricky beast because if you’re just starting out it will be instinct to only promote yourself. You want to make sure people show up before you start mixing and stay until you are finished, right? Of course. But by promoting everyone who will be playing, you increase your chances of getting people to show up.

Don’t think that if you promote other DJs that people will only come to hear them; think of this like a festival. People are more likely to show up if there are several interesting artists performing rather than just one. After all, who wants to find parking and pay for drink minimums and then have to leave later and do it all over again? Not many people, so promote the whole line up so your fans know it will be a whole night of awesome music.

Digital Flyers

Remember back in the day when the city used to be littered with flyers for concerts, DJs and special appearances by your favorite artists? Well in this digital age you see them less and less, but they are still there so you should take note of them and do your own…digitally.

These days it isn’t enough to simply tell people “hey I’m spinning at Club Awesome so come and check me out”. Instead you have to put up a gorgeous digital flyer or invitation that gives out all vital information for the gig. When we see things like flyers and invitations all brightly colored with beautiful script we have to read it. So put in a little effort on your invites and clubbers will come.


Advertise New Tracks

In this age of the internet it can be tempting to give it all away right up front. If you do that though, you aren’t giving your fans a real reason to want to show up for a gig. Promote the fact that you’ve got a few new tracks that you will be debuting at your upcoming gig and it will get more people to show up. We love the thought that we’ll be there when a potentially awesome new track will be played for the very first time. It’s like when your parents (or grandparents) talk about The Beatles at Shea Stadium…you want to be there just in case it turns out to be major.

If it is a track that your fans helped you choose that is an even better way to boost your numbers.


As you start to build up a loyal base of followers they will want pieces of you. I don’t mean that in the cynical Hollywood way, but just that we love to advertise the things we love. If you love DJ Sean Gallagher then you’ll want t-shirts, wristbands, key chains or any other merchandise available to tell the world.

If you’ve got new stickers or sweatshirts and other merchandise that will finally go on sale at your gig…shout about it. And if you can afford to, throw out a corresponding offer such as the first 20 people to show up with a copy of the digital flyer, will receive a free piece of merch.

Once people feel invested in a gig they will feel compelled to show up. Don’t ever think that simply having a social media page will guarantee huge crowds every time. You have to put in the effort to see results.

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