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Now that you’re a DJ you probably feel pretty relieved, right? You think you can rest a bit easier now that you’ve started to get regular paying gigs. While that is technically true, most hard-working DJs will tell you that the hard work really begins once you have gigs you need/want to hold on to.

Sure the jobs are rolling in and your bank account is in the black, but now is not the time to sit back and become complacent. As a DJ a BIG (did I say “BIG”?) part of your job is getting asses in the seats, so to speak. You can’t just rely on your Facebook page and Twitter feed to make sure people show up at your gigs, and if you can…kudos to you!

The rest of us mere mortals have to focus on DJ promotions. That means reaching out to fans, potential fans and wannabe DJs and getting them to show up wherever it is you’ll be hiding out in that dark DJ booth.

Here’s how!

Keep It Legal

If you have never done any work in terms of DJ promotion then you’ll realize there is a lot you don’t know. Furthermore you’ll learn that if you’re willing to cut corners promoting yourself and your work become exponentially easier. Please, oh please, avoid cutting these corners because you could find yourself in serious trouble inside the United States.

Let’s start with getting email address because it is the easiest to steal since pretty much everyone posts one of their email addresses publicly. You are not legally allowed to just take someone’s email address that has been posted on their website, social media profile or anywhere else and use it. I know it seems counter-intuitive but it is against the law and you don’t want the FCC on your tail.

You will need email lists so that you can do large scale promotions of your events, so you should start collecting emails that are voluntarily given to you. You will need them. If you don’t have enough, consider purchasing lists legally.

Get A Platform

One of the biggest mistakes I seen new DJs make when they’re doing promotions is using their own personal email to send out hundreds or thousands of clubbers. Okay not only is this ridiculous it is also a good way to make your email provider mad.

You need some type of email marketing platform that will help you reach out to a ton of people at once without getting your email account suspended. If your current web host doesn’t offer email marketing then look into services like MailChimp.


When doing DJ promotions it is important that you don’t forget to include links to your website, social media and any other digital means of contact. You want to make sure after you’ve boasted about your upcoming track or album, events and merchandise that you let them know where else they can go for more information or to make a purchase.

In fact I recommend that you add your links as part of your DJ promotions template. It’ll be easier to always have that little “hey get more info on DJ cool by, blah blah blah”. This way you’re not bombarding them with links but you’re getting your info out there.



You know important packaging is to selling anything whether it is toothpaste or a new DJ single. Well it is also important when it comes to packaging up your DJ promotions. Don’t just send out a plain email when you want people to be so excited to attend your event they can’t see straight. Plain old black & white text isn’t gonna get anyone excited…about anything.

Even if some people have their settings on plain text rather than HTML, you should always opt for high quality art work. It entices people to read it and it projects an image of fun, which is what you’re telling them you will be providing. Find a graphic artist to work with and work on your logo plus art work for your promotional materials.

When it comes to your art work you should also be careful about the size of your images because they impact the overall size of your email. You have to account for people with mobile devices and crap internet connections that may open these emails slower than a big image will allow. If it takes too long to load, they’ll simply delete it and move on to the next.

The other downside of super large emails is that they may be automatically redirected to the spam folder.

Do It Often

Don’t just do promotions for what you perceive as big or important events. If you’re getting paid for gig, invite people to show up. Whether it is a Tuesday or Friday night you want people to be there to listen to you mix, right? So send out regular DJ promotions for your regular gigs every week. Make sure you’re sending a reminder out ahead of time so people plan to show up.

By creating a regular schedule for DJ promotions you can make sure you and your events are never too far from your followers’ minds. When they get used to these promotional emails from you, they will begin to anticipate them.

DJ promotions are a big part of your job so make sure you’re doing everything you can to be a DJ who can pack a venue.

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