6 Things You Need To Do To Be A Celebrity DJ

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You can DJ your entire adult life and still not become a well-known DJ, while others seem to become overnight sensations. We may not admit it to others, but admit it to yourself, that we’d all love to be celebrity DJs. The fact is that being a celebrity means that people actually know who you are and that can translate into all kinds of perks such as residencies at some of the hottest, coolest clubs on the planet, big paydays, endorsements and headlining tours.

Sounds good, right?

Yeah it sounds really good. But that kind of superstardom doesn’t come easily. It requires hard work—tons of it—and a determination to succeed. So let’s talk about what you need to do to push your status from unknown DJ to superstar!

Master Your Craft

Okay I’ll admit that there are quite a few celebrity DJs out there who haven’t become world class DJs. They are mediocre at best but somehow—unbeknownst to us mere mortals—they are widely known and get gigs you’d sell your first born for. But we’re not talking about these anomalies we’re talking about YOU.

Make sure you have not just memorized your DJ lessons but you have taken them to heart. You feel comfortable executing basic DJ skills. You mix, you mash, you beatmatch and you do it well. When you feel comfortable inside the DJ booth with the basics, you will be confident executing more creative mixes.

Perform Whenever, Wherever

The only way you will ever be comfortable performing in front of the large crowds celebrity DJs often book, is to perform live. Sure there is a difference between a club of 100 people and a stadium of thousands, but honestly the difference isn’t much.

Take gigs at small venues, large venues and in-between venues. Get comfortable being in the DJ booth. The more comfortable you feel inside that little booth the better your performances will become. You won’t worry so much about doing everything right, because it’ll sound oh, so right.

Good Scheduling

When DJs are just starting out they alone are responsible for maintaining their own schedule. This is something I suggest you master…quickly. Get 2 different calendar apps for your phone and program them to ring, whistle and yell to remind you of any and all bookings and obligations.

You don’t want to double-book gigs because the gig you blow off will be bridge you’ve burnt on your way up. Make sure you build time in to your schedule for travel time and setting up your DJ gear. And most important, don’t forget to add personal activities to your schedule; you don’t want to forget mom’s birthday while you’re trying to become a big shot DJ…do you?

My point is that good scheduling is key for all DJs. If you want to be a celebrity DJ some day, use your schedule to keep your life running smoothly.


Improve Your Image

Think of your top five, favorite DJs. Now, what is the first thing that pops into mind when you do? I’m sure your answer had something to do with their image so tell me, what is your image?

We can all pretend that the music is all that matters, but it is mostly what matters. You need to get people to want to come out and see you perform and that means you need to present the whole package to the world. Are you a fun-loving long haired party boy or are you a super-sleek sexily serious lady DJ? It doesn’t matter as long as you spend time cultivating your image.

You’ll need to remember your image when you’re out meeting fans, when you do photo shoots and yes, even when you start to sell your DJ merchandise. It’s all part of your public image so make sure it’s consistent.

Leave Comfort Zone

If you want to become part of the small percentage of world famous DJs then you have to be alright stepping out of your comfort zone. As a celebrity you will often get asked to do things or go places you never have, will you suck it up and try it or will you wilt inside yourself and avoid it?

The more comfortable you are taking chances—with your music, your look, your co-DJs—the easier it will be to venture out of your comfort zone when you need to.

Spend Wisely

Don’t waste all of your money trying to be a celebrity before you are one. In the early stages of your career your top priority is good, functioning DJ equipment that gets the job done. Sure you need to present a certain image, but a Champion t-shirt works as well as an Armani one if Champion is all you can afford.

There’s fake it ‘til you make it and then there is being crazy. Spend money on things that will help you become a celebrity DJ who can afford to splurge on designer duds and has a team of people handling your money, your schedule and your promotions.

If your head is on straight you’ll find that making it as a top DJ is a slow grind, but worth the effort. If you want the celebrity part more than you want the DJ part…well, there’s always reality TV.

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