6 DJ Courses To Make You A Better DJ

What DJ Courses Do You Need?

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As you struggle to get your DJ legs under you and on solid footing you have probably been wondering if a DJ course is the right path for you. You feel pretty comfortable with your skills on your DJ equipment and your stylistic skills are improving every single day, right? So why should you shell out money you may need to hold you over when gigs are few and far between?

Well for starters you will learn how to DJ to the best of your ability rather than the best self-taught DJ. The truth is that while you may feel more than comfortable with the so-called nuts & bolts of the art of DJing, you still have so much to learn. In fact years later I’m still learning more and more about new tricks and skills I can apply to my own DJ career.

A friend of mine who is a female DJ likened learning how to DJ to being a parent; you can learn the basics before the time comes but most of what you need to know is learned on the job.

Online DJ Courses

The important thing to remember about signing up for DJ classes is that you don’t have to take time out of your busy day and travel to some DJ academy because like most things, you can take them online. Take a look around (start your DJ courses with free lessons right here!) and find any and all courses that you can afford and that will make up the gaps you are missing in your DJ education.

Getting DJ Gigs

There are plenty of people out in the world who consider themselves DJs but they are unemployed DJs. What will separate you from the masses is whether or not you can actually earn a living as a DJ. It may start as a part-time living for awhile, but with a DJ course aimed at helping you reach out to the right people you can steadily increase your weekly gigs until you have a full schedule.

You need to learn how to network, with whom you should be networking and what tools you need to impress the person deciding whether or not you get the gig.

Learning DJ Equipment

You may think you have a solid handle on your DJ hardware but the truth is that you’ve probably just skimmed the surface. If you take a look at your controller or mixer—really take a look—do you really know how to use every single button, knob and jogwheel? Are you maximizing the features on your hardware and software?

Chances are good that you aren’t. Not because you are deficient as a DJ but because you still have a lot to learn about how to be a DJ and just about any basic DJ course will help you learn the basics of your DJ equipment, but also tricks that you’d never think to use.

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Beatmatching, Mixing, Etc…              

Ah, DJ skills. They are as elusive as they are awesome and yet so many new DJs learn a handful of skills and are content to call it a day. Please, oh please do NOT become one of these DJs. I know how exciting it is to learn a few DJ skills and feel on top of the world, but trust me when I tell you that being a 5-trick pony will get really old after a few weeks.

This is where I really recommend you just consume as many DJ courses as you can. Learn how to beatmatch, mix in key, set your levels, cue tracks and recording music. These are the skills that will make you a better DJ, and more importantly, a better DJ with regular gigs.

Wedding DJ Courses

Many DJs start out testing their skills at wedding receptions, and no matter how you feel about wedding DJs now, it is a legitimate source of income and it is a great practice venue for clubs, festivals and concerts.

But weddings are a much different beast and do require a certain skill set, which is why you should take at least one DJ course to learn the ropes. Weddings require more interaction with people, particularly the newlyweds and weddings are not really about you as a DJ but rather what songs the couple wants to document their special day. It takes skill, humility and endless patience and the right course will let you know what to expect ahead of time.

VJ Courses

Adding VJing skills to your repertoire is a great way to make yourself more marketable as a DJ, but it does require some different skills than traditional DJing. You will need a few DJ courses on how to VJ because you need additional equipment, access to visuals as well as a way to project them.

If you need a new skill or you see that DJs will need VJ skills in the future, get in there now and learn what you need to stay ahead of your fellow DJs.

Future of DJing

Whether it is a new trend, new equipment or a new genre of music that’s making waves in the top music cities around the world, you can find a few DJ courses that can give you an edge on other DJs. If you can spot trends and identify which ones will stick and those that are just fads, you will be able to adjust your demo and sets accordingly to keep fickle music fans coming back for more of your musical creativity.

As a DJ you will always be learning something new as music is always evolving. As long as you are willing to learn, there is hope for your future as a DJ.

I hope I helped you figure out which DJ courses you need. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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