6 Qualities That Will Make You A Better Pro DJ

Hidden qualities to make you a better pro DJ!

Unique DJ qualities

When you think of the DJs you idolize, what qualities most stand out to you? Is it their uncanny ability to mix the most unusual tracks to produce greatness? Is it the fact that no one mixes better than they do? Or is it something a bit more indefinable? There are plenty of DJs around the world who are technically solid with enviable DJ music collections yet they aren’t well-known and they aren’t booked solid. By that same token there are some very popular (read: famous) DJs who aren’t technically the best but there is something about them that pulls people in…what is it?

There are qualities that successful DJs possess that have nothing to do with DJing, per se. I’ve met DJs, producers, musicians and entrepreneurs who all possess these qualities for success. As you read, be honest with yourself about which of these qualities you have in spades and which ones you need to work on.

Solid Business Sense

You don’t need an MBA in order to have a good head for business, but a good business sense is helpful. Good instincts are important in this field because trends are always changing and a good instinct combined with the ability to be innovative will go a long way.

Think about some of the biggest names or highest earning DJs on the planet, many of them hit the scene in the most unique ways and have capitalized on it. Whether you start out as a reality TV star or a punk rock bandleader, finding a gap in the industry and filling it just might be your way into professional DJing.

If you’re not business-minded don’t worry, there are books out there that will arm you with the basics. If you have the determination and the will to succeed, that will be enough.


During my time as a DJ I have seen it all; DJs so cocky and sure of their skill that they burn every bridge and alienate every person around them and the meek DJs who mistake humility for weakness. Neither of these are good qualities to have and more importantly probably won’t get you anywhere in your DJ career.

You are a good DJ and you know that, but you also know that you are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to get paid to do the thing that gets your blood pumping. That attitude is what will allow you to be open and friendly with everyone around you from fans and bar staff to owners, stylists and promoters.

Knowing how lucky you are doesn’t take away from your confidence but it will allow you to put more towards being a great DJ. You will be gentler with your DJ equipment, more open with your fans and eager to engage with any music lover you come in contact with. This will translate into a bigger following.


This probably should be at the top of this list but I wanted to make sure the other qualities got the attention they deserve. Okay, passion. It is crazy important for all successful people. If you have a lackluster attitude or you’re indifferent to your chosen profession it will come across in everything you do.

Good DJs—despite your opinion of them—are always passionate about what they do. These are the guys & girls with their heads thrown back, eyes closed and hands waving crazily in the air deep inside that DJ booth and the music moves over them. They put everything they have into their sets because the music lights them on fire. Seeing the crowd respond to their musical creations is what fuels them and it is obvious from the first song to the last.

Identify what it is you’re passionate about and put your energy towards that.

Passionate about DJing

You’re A Realist

Being a realist, in my opinion, is one of the most essential qualities of all successful people but especially those who have the ‘pie in the sky’ faith that they can make a living in a nontraditional way. I know it seems counterintuitive but as a professional DJ you will need a healthy dose of both.

Realism will keep you grounded when you get those big I can’t freakin’ believe I got it gigs but idealism will allow you to imagine a lifetime of those kinds of gigs. So how can you do this?

Simple, just do it. When you get those unbelievable opportunities don’t squander them. Use them to network and put on the best performance you ever have and be the best version of yourself so you impress everyone. But understand that your career may not take off from this one gig and vow to work harder to get more gigs like it.

Owning Your Strengths

What makes you different from the other DJs competing for gigs? If you know what your strengths are, how are you using them to your advantage? If you have an old school sound that has been updated, use it, promote it and own it.

Owning your strengths doesn’t mean you’re being arrogant. As a business owner you need to know what makes your business (pro DJ) stand out from the crowd.

If you don’t know, ask your DJ friends and loyal fans. They are most likely to tell you the truth…even if it hurts!

Open To Others

When you are confident in your skills and where your career as a DJ is going you are more likely to be open to others and willing to help. You don’t want to constantly guard yourself, your set list and your hidden tricks because you’re afraid some bright young thing is going to steal your spot.

This will help bring people who are just as passionate as you are into your personal and professional orbit. You want people around you who love what they do because it will benefit you all. This will make your work life more rewarding but it will also allow you to surround yourself with a like-minded support system.

Do you possess all of these qualities yet? If not, get to work. Your life as a pro DJ awaits!

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