6 Tips To Keep Your DJ Laptop Working For Every Gig

Surefire tips to keep your DJ laptop working effectively!

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We’ve all been there; your playlist is in order, your headphones are packed up and all of your gear is ready to go. Half way through the gig however, the unthinkable happens. Your DJ laptop blanks out. Why does this happen?

Any DJ knows how crucial it is to have all your equipment in working order. Without properly working DJ equipment there are too many different things can go wrong during a gig. Since your performance is your resume, you want to follow these tips to make sure your DJ laptop never goes dead when the crowd should be moving and shaking.


Any person who has been using a laptop or computer for any significant amount of time knows how vital it is to reboot your equipment on occasion. There is no better occasion for a clean reboot than an upcoming gig. A clean restart lets you know that the DJ laptop is running as smoothly as it possibly can.

Once you’ve done all of your pre-gig setup you can shut down the laptop and boot it up once you’re setting up in the DJ booth. Do all of your prep before the reboot and you should be fine.


If your recreation laptop and work laptop are the same piece of equipment then you know that keeping your operating system and software updates is key to a fully functioning laptop. This is especially true when it comes to preparing your DJ laptop for a gig.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to update your operating system and DJ software at the same time. This will make it easier to keep track of regular updates.

On a side note, avoid automatic updates on either front. These automatic software or hardware updates often pop up the minute updates are available—and before any news can spread about bugs and glitches in the equipment—and they leave with about 20 minutes to restart. Of course you always have a choice, but it’s best to make sure the auto-update option is OFF.

Don’t Surf At Work

You became a DJ so you wouldn’t have to put up with ridiculous office rules and dress codes but there is one rule that you should obey. The main one is to avoid surfing the internet at the “office”. This means making sure your Wi-Fi connection is off at the start of any gig.

I know a busy DJ such as yourself wants to check your email or update your Facebook page and Twitter feed, but I advise against it. As tempted as you may be to go online, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself if your DJ laptop crashes. Let’s not forget that surfing the net while you’re working means you aren’t giving your all to the audience.

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Turn It OFF

A good rule of thumb when DJing is to turn it all off. You want your DJ laptop to be fully focused on the gig at hand and not eating up energy and resources running calendars, chat software or email programs. If your laptop is set to open any of these programs automatically, turn them off before your gig starts.

Additionally, you should shut down the automatic virus scans (which should give you another reason to avoid surfing the net) that can slow down your laptop’s performance.

You don’t need these programs while your DJ so make sure they’re all off to give yourself one less thing to worry about before your gig.

Drink-Free Zone

This is probably an obvious tip to keep your DJ laptop working, but make sure your laptop area is a drink-free zone. I know, I know that you need water or pop or even an ice cold beer to quench your thirst throughout the night but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it on the same level as your equipment.

Wherever your DJ laptop and other equipment is located, make sure your drinks and food are on a level lower than your equipment. This way if anything spills it won’t drip down onto your equipment. A wet laptop can ruin more than just one gig; it can also mean a costly equipment replacement.

No Mid-Gig Movements

New DJs are notorious for overthinking every movement, every track and every effect before a gig. As such they can often be found moving and replacing equipment in an effort to get their DJ setup as perfect as possible. Avoid this instinct at all costs during your gigs.

Any movement increases the risk of knocking cords loose from the equipment or the power source. This can increase your chances of accidentally shutting down your laptop in the middle of a track. If you want to re-jigger your DJ setup then work on it ahead of time or before your next gig rather than during a gig.

Follow these tips to help keep your DJ laptop in tip top shape before every gig and you’ll be sure to get more gigs!

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