7 DJ Tips To Help Improve Your Live Performance TODAY!

Use these DJ tips to enhance your live performances!


I’ve written plenty about the art of DJing, from choosing the right music to reading the crowd properly. Learning the art of DJing is about much more than learning where all the knobs and buttons on your hardware are located. It’s about more than your software and compiling a massive collection of songs.

Sure, learning the nuts of bolts of becoming a DJ is important. Really important. But there are certain subtleties and nuances that are what can really make or break a life performance. This is where many new DJs often get discouraged, which is why I have come up with 7 DJ tips specifically aimed at improving your life performances.

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Prepare & Organize EVERY Gig

This probably seems like a no-brainer but there quite a few DJs out there who simply think that if you’re gigging at one EDM club then you don’t need a lot of preparation for the next club. If you’re completely unconcerned about quality and putting your all into each performance then you can do that.


This is one of those DJ tips aimed at those of you looking for a long-term DJing career. Preparing and organizing means knowing what you’d like to play in terms of songs and genres, and it also means that you should have at least an outline of how your sets will go. While you don’t have to map out every single minute of your gig, you should prepare and organize ahead of time if you want to do an awesome job.

Know The Audience

Knowing your audience before the gig starts can help you improve your performance by tailoring the tracks to the audience. This doesn’t mean you need to do a poll of club goers and find out their favorite 50 songs, but it does mean you should have a general idea of what the crowd expects. Find out what time you’ll be playing so you know where the mindset of the crowd will be when you’re up.

You may also want to know the size of the room, the size of the audience and the type of music people come to that specific club to hear.

Always Have A Backup

One of the best DJ tips I’ve ever received is to ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP. It doesn’t matter what format your music is in—vinyl, CDs or digital—you need to have a backup with you at every single gig. You never know what can happen at a gig; your computer can die or a cord can short out. If that happens what will you do?

If you’re a digital DJ, or any type of DJ really, it is a fantastic idea to have a few flash drives with you…just in case.

Minimize Your Effects

One sign of a beginner DJ or one who is just trying too hard is going crazy with too many effects. Of course there is a time, a place and a valid time to use them. Just don’t get to the point where you rely on them too heavily. New DJs often get so caught up in the effects available that they attempt to use them all in one night.

Avoid that temptation and use them sparingly. If you’re unsure visit clubs and see how other DJs do it before deciding if you’ll be a DJ who runs an endless series of effects.


Variety Is Your Friend

Whether or not you’re a DJ who takes requests, you should not rely too heavily on one genre of music to get you through a gig. Even the most hardcore fan will want to hear variety throughout the night and it is your job to do that. This is particularly true if you play lots of large live venues.

Keeping the crowd entertained and in the mood to party means switching it up occasionally to avoid becoming a one-note DJ. You have a wide music collection—use it!

Gauge The Mood

As a DJ it is your job to take the temperature of the audience a few times during your gig. You never know how quickly an audience can turn away from the mood you’re presenting. Take note of when the dance floor empties and what draws nearly everyone to the dance floor.

By gauging the mood of your audience throughout the night you can self-correct on the fly to make sure you’re always giving them what they want. The upside of this is that the longer the audience is having fun, the more they drink and the happier the venue owner is.

Can you say, “repeat gig”?

Soul Trumps Tech

DJing is art and art is subjective, which means that what one person finds artistic pleasing another may think is, well crap. But this is one of those DJ tips that you’ll fast learn is essential.

A quality music selection (soul) is better than being technically accurate. Some DJs will tell you that you should just immediately go with the audience and skip important programming steps like transitions. These transitions are the thread that weaves together the songs so don’t forego them.

Without transitions you are not a DJ, but rather a glorified iPod.

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