Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing A DJ Name

Don't get caught up in these DJ name mistakes!


Whether you’ve been in the game awhile, just getting in the game or you’re looking to re-invent yourself as a DJ, your DJ name is an important part of the persona. Unfortunately many DJs make a lot of mistakes when creating a name that can affect their ability to get solid gigs at reputable clubs.

You may think you’re being funny, witty, sarcastic or just plain hip, but choosing the wrong DJ name can be as costly to your career as not learning the basics of how to DJ. If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, avoid these mistakes when you create your DJ name.

Stealing…But Different

This is probably the worst offense any DJ can commit; stealing the name of a well-known DJ and altering it slightly so you can say “it’s not the same”. It is kind of despicable is what it is, and when event planners and venue owners realize you’re not the Afrojack but AphroJack, they’ll be disgusted and reward you by conveniently forgetting your contact information.

Avoid this mistake by doing an online check of DJ names and see if any of your top contenders make the search engine list. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

X-Rated Names

Ok so you’re an adult DJ. Big deal, no need to brag and announce it to the whole world that you’re a big bad potty-mouthed DJ. Maybe you’re not a potty mouth, but having a name that can’t be said on the radio or on posters isn’t going to help improve your DJ name recognition. You don’t have to use profanity or sexually explicit names to broadcast that your music is for adults only.

Be creative, you are an artist after all, when choosing a DJ name instead of being explicit. There are plenty of ways to find a unique yet memorable name without being DJ nasty name.

DJ Unpronounceable

You want a name that is easy to pronounce whether it is heard in a radio ad or over the speakers at a club or festival. If your name is constantly butchered by radio personalities then how are fans supposed to find you and your gigs? And if they can’t find you, how can they become fans and join your Facebook page and frequent your website?

The name of the DJ game is about recognition and getting butts in the club is how you prove yourself a hot commodity. Sure skills matter, but what matters to the venue owner is that people come out in droves to hear you mix, and spend lots of money on drinks while they do it.


DJ Grow Up Already

I fully encourage you to be creative when picking out the name that will likely follow you over the course of your career as a DJ. It isn’t a decision that you should make lightly or quickly, because you want this name to be as appropriate as 20 as it is at 40.

Remember that group Immature from the 90’s? Well that isn’t a group that was thinking about the future when they came up with that name…is it? You should keep that in mind as you come up with your DJ name, because would you hire a 35 year old with the moniker DJ Dirty Diapers? For obvious reasons, no. Who knows where your career may go from its beginnings; you could end up a world famous producer or composer and you might not want some cutesy name following you around.

Pop Culture References

As tempted as you may be to choose a name like DJ Tanner or DJ Don Draper or DJ McDreamy, these names will become dated and quickly. In the here and now you may get plenty of accidental landings on your website and you may even get a listen due to sheer audacity, but then what?

Even Law & Order eventually came to an end, and while that saddens me, my point is that all pop culture references will become dated. This is especially true when crowds get younger by the year. I’d love to hear DJ Archie Bunker play, but what will as 21 year old clubber known about it to entice him?

Just avoid using pop culture as part of your DJ name and you won’t have to sit down again in a few years to come up with a new name.

Finding a DJ name takes time and if you want a good name that’ll last, take your time to come up with the right name. Even if you get ideas from name generators or baby name books and websites, do your homework until something pops out at you.

Whether you choose a name that means nothing, a nickname or pull random letters out of thin air, finding the right DJ name is an essential part of becoming a real DJ.

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