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Looking to buy DJ equipment? Want to know how to judge the quality of used dj equipment for sale? What’s the best DJ equipment for beginners? When it comes to DJ equipment we’ve got you covered. Pretty much everything you need to know for getting started with DJing and dj gear is here!

DJ Controller Review: Novation Launch Control XL

Can the Control Launch XL help you lighten your load?


Have you been looking for a way to downsize your load when going from gig to gig? Well with the Launch Control XL you can grab your Launchpad-S and toss it in a bag along with a few cords and backup USBs and you’re ready to go!

One of the problems with many of these teeny tiny digital controllers is that you often have to sacrifice—a lot—in the same of mobility and convenience. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the same tactile sensations without the bulk? You might find this version of Novation Launch is just what you’ve been looking for to keep your pack light as you travel from one gig to the next. Continue reading “DJ Controller Review: Novation Launch Control XL” »

DJ Equipment Review: Numark NV for Serato DJ Controller

Is the Numark NV just another pretty face?


It seems as though every other day my inbox is filled with press releases and adverts touting the best new piece of DJ equipment to hit the shelves. They swear it will change the face of DJing and rarely is that the case. Needless to say I’ve become pretty cynical about the claims made by the manufacturers of DJ equipment. However that doesn’t stop me from reading through all the specs and occasionally stopping by the nearest electronics shop to try them out.

When I got word that Numark was releasing the NV with a few outrageous features, I admit that my curiosity was piqued. So let’s dig in and see if it is as awesome as it seems. Continue reading “DJ Equipment Review: Numark NV for Serato DJ Controller” »

DJ Equipment Review: Reloop Beatmix 4 Controller

Is The Beatmix 4 Controller For All DJs?

Reloop Beatmix 4

Whether or not you’re in the market for a new DJ controller, as a DJ it is your responsibility to know about new equipment as it hits the market. I know tons of cynical DJs who rant against how commercialized DJing has become, but the truth is that many manufacturers are upping their game and putting out quality equipment for all budgets.

Today we’re going to take a look at Beatmix 4 for Serato. My first impressions are pretty positive but I will say that this isn’t the machine for a highly skilled and experienced DJ. So if you’re just starting out as a DJ or finally making the switch to digital, keep reading. Continue reading “DJ Equipment Review: Reloop Beatmix 4 Controller” »

Top Tools Every DJ Needs

What DJ Tools Will Make Your Life Easier?


When it comes to the tools of the DJ trade most DJs are pretty set. They have the laptop, controllers, tablets, music and any other tools they deem necessary. Of course with all the new gadgets popping up left and right it can be hard to say whether you actually need all the tools in your arsenal. But there are plenty of other tools that I think will help make your life as a DJ much easier.

For the most part DJs are a one man team, acting as manager, promoter, public relations, marketing, accountant and talent. When you wear so many hats there are a lot of other necessary tools that will help you promote yourself, get to gigs and negotiate with promoters, club owners and festival organizers.

What tools will help you become a better DJ? Continue reading “Top Tools Every DJ Needs” »

DJ Tools Every Kit Should Have

A DJ Tool Kit To Overcome Any Gig Emergency!!

dj tool kit

Preparing your DJ equipment is an important part of setting up before each gig. You probably have a mental checklist to make sure all of your equipment—DJ laptops, controllers, mixers and the like—gets into your car before you get to the gig. And if you’ve ever forgotten something or had it disappear on you from your home to the club, you probably re-run that checklist as you unload your DJ software and hardware from your car to the DJ booth.

But what about the DJ tools that don’t immediately spring to mind when it comes to DJ equipment?

Well that is the stuff you’re most likely to not only forget…but inevitably need when the unthinkable happens. As a digital DJ there is a lot can go wrong. Gone are the days when a scratched record can be cast aside or a cassette tape can simply be rewound to the cue point. No, today we have to worry about all kinds of cords and wires that may just decide to stop working. Sure digital has made a DJs life a lot easier, but it also gives us a lot more to worry about.

Continue reading “DJ Tools Every Kit Should Have” »

Update Your Kit With New Digital DJ Gear

What digital DJ gear will make it into your upgraded kit?

digital dj gear headphones

All DJs must be aware of the state of their equipment. For a DJ, the hardware and software that help him do his job are his job. In fact this is part of the reason ongoing gigs are so important. Of course you also want to step inside the DJ booth and let the world hear your creative musical genius, blah, blah, blah, but you also need to keep the cash coming in when your headphones turn to crap or your controller decides to stop working.

With the digital DJ gear industry booming, it can be difficult to tell a good investment from a lousy one. Whether you need to upgrade your gear because it’s outdate or has checked out on you, there’s always something new that you should be looking out for.

Getting good digital DJ gear will be money well spent, so make sure you get the lowdown on your intended DJ equipment before you spend your hard-spun cash.

Continue reading “Update Your Kit With New Digital DJ Gear” »

How Much Is Too Much For Good Headphones

Can A DJ Get Good Headphones For Cheap?

good headphones cheap

As a working DJ your ability to do your job is directly related to your gear. And while having the right gear is important, it is equally important that you don’t spend too much on the newest, shiniest piece of DJ equipment to hit the market. First of all most DJs operate on a budget, which means paying $300 for a pair of really good headphones may not be possible…or smart.

The question most DJs ask me is, how much is too much for everything from good headphones to speakers and DJ controllers. Answering this question is a lot like walking on a tightrope because if I say $150 is too much I’ll get bombarded with emails about how I’m a smug prick for suggesting that’s cheap and if I say no more than $50 then elitist DJs will be telling me I’m lying and setting you up for a pair of cheap headphones guaranteed to break after a few gigs.

So I know I don’t want to deal with all that, but I will help you figure out if the headphones you want but are mad expensive, are worth the cost.

Continue reading “How Much Is Too Much For Good Headphones” »

Serato DJ Controller Review – Terminal Mix 8

Will The Terminal Mix 8 Change How You DJ?

reloop terminal mix 8 serato review

If you eagerly await the newest release from Serato and you’ve been waiting for a “no fuss, no muss” controller that doesn’t require you to bother with a lot of non-digital DJ gear, you’ll love the Reloop Terminal Mix 8. While this is a no frills controller, it does put on quite a show with tons of bells and whistles.

Those of you familiar with the Terminal Mix 2 and Terminal Mix 4, you’ll be in for a real big treat when you unwrap this controller, their best so far if you ask this DJ! This Serato DJ controller gives you the one thing you truly expect: total control.

We know it’s great and somewhat reasonably priced…but is it the DJ controller for you?

Continue reading “Serato DJ Controller Review – Terminal Mix 8” »

DJ Controller Review: Pioneer XDJ-R1

Improve your setup with the XDJ-R1!

pioneer XDJ R1 review

The Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-R1 is being billed as an “all-in-one” wireless DJ controller that, you guessed it, does just about everything except dress you before your gig. It’s big, sleek and kind of beautiful, but is the DJ controller for you?

The XDJ-R1 is supposed to work with everything from CDs to USBs and even flash drives and of course iOS control for you iPad and iPhone DJs out there in the land of electronica. We know its wireless, we know it’s a standalone unit…but do we know if it’s any good?

That’s what we’re here to determine!

Continue reading “DJ Controller Review: Pioneer XDJ-R1” »

Is Cross DJ Good For Android DJs?

An Android App For DJs...Finally?

cross dj good for android

In the 1990’s the debate reigned supreme: Mac or PC. In this new smartphone and tablet era we are divided yet again but this time as iOS or Android people. The simple truth is that more of us are Android people, despite how cool and high quality, if insanely expensive, Apple products can be. In fact many of the new apps are not so good for Android users, mostly because they seem to have completely forgotten that we exist, well that and because Android is so pervasive that developers have a hard time creating one app that would work across the different devices on the market.

But folks, that is history because Cross DJ is out and thanks to the folks at Mixvibes, it is made with the Android user in mind. So whether you’ve just hopped on the DJ or Android bandwagon, once you hit the Play Store you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

But we’ve seen this before; new apps allegedly intended for DJs yet sadly lacking in functionality, features and visuals. So I’m going to take some time to see if Cross DJ for Android is actually good for Android users. Continue reading “Is Cross DJ Good For Android DJs?” »