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Looking to buy DJ equipment? Want to know how to judge the quality of used dj equipment for sale? What’s the best DJ equipment for beginners? When it comes to DJ equipment we’ve got you covered. Pretty much everything you need to know for getting started with DJing and dj gear is here!

Why It’s Okay To Use Cheap DJ Equipment

Are you ready for brand new DJ equipment?

used dj equipment

It should come as no secret that DJ equipment can cost quite a pretty penny. Between the necessary hardware—headphones, controllers, laptops, mixers and speakers—and the software, your kit can easily surpass $1,000. If you have a good day job and spending money on solid equipment is no big deal…great! But for most aspiring DJs, buying top of the line equipment means choosing between DJ headphones and rent.

So, is it really all that taboo to buy (and use) cheap DJ equipment? I think if the equipment is working well, in budget and compatible with your updated laptop, then cheap is the way to go. Don’t listen to your non-cash-strapped friends when it comes to the latest and greatest piece of DJ machinery to hit the market, listen to me.

And I’ll tell you why… Continue reading “Why It’s Okay To Use Cheap DJ Equipment” »

DJ Studio – 5 Things You Should Know

Is DJ Studio 5 The App For You?

dj studio 5 review

It seems as though every other month either Android or Apple is releasing another DJ related app. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that these phone manufacturers are starting to see the purchasing power of DJs around the world. But I also think that they quick release of these DJ controller apps, mixing apps and effects means they aren’t really putting out a quality product.

Whether free or cheap, you shouldn’t just download every app willy-nilly just because they tell you it’s for DJs “just like you”. I mean off course it doesn’t hurt to simply check it out to see what all the hype is about, but do you really think the newest app is going to rock your world as a DJ?

The jury is still out, but DJ Studio 5 was just released earlier this month, so let’s see if it’s worth the download. Continue reading “DJ Studio – 5 Things You Should Know” »

Beatport, Android & Other Digital Tools Killing the Art of DJing

Are You Killing The Art of DJing?


If you’ve been visiting How To DJ Fast then you know that I am not a purist in any sense of the word. I am a staunch advocate for change and progress, particularly when it comes to the art of DJing. Unfortunately there are plenty of purists out there claiming that tools such as Beatport, djay and laptops are killing the art of DJing.

Of course even fundamentalists are entitled to their opinions…BUT these purists are giving new DJs an improper view of what it means to be a DJ. I think it is always better to be more inclusive rather than less, and just because you don’t use vinyl or you add a bit of flash to your show doesn’t make you less of a DJ than those who inspired you to step inside the DJ booth.

Of course you’ll have to make up your mind for yourself, so let’s just keep an open mind for now, okay? Continue reading “Beatport, Android & Other Digital Tools Killing the Art of DJing” »

4 Cool Toys To Help You DJ A Wedding

How To Be An Awesome Wedding DJ


While there are plenty of DJs out there who look down on DJing weddings, I am not one of them. We all have to start someplace and I have plenty of friends who love to DJ weddings. There are tons of single girls, everyone is in a happy mood and every day at work is like a party. On the downside, nonstop weddings can be…exhausting.

But unlike DJing at clubs and bars, you have a lot more creative license when you DJ a wedding in terms of the equipment you use. Of course you’ll need some standard equipment like a laptop or iPad, controllers, soundcards and whatnot. But you can also bring cool new toys that you don’t need or want at a dark and crowded club.

Now I’m not saying you should run out and buy these toys, but if you’re looking to add some funk to your next gig, these are the types of DJ equipment that will help. Continue reading “4 Cool Toys To Help You DJ A Wedding” »

What Is The Best DJ Software For New DJs?

What is the best DJ software to improve your skillz?


If being a DJ were only about the music there would probably be even more DJs than there currently are. But those who are truly determined to step inside the cramped quarters of a DJ booth and sweat it out in a dark, smoky club for the sheer joy of sharing their skills with the world, these guys know there is much more to being a DJ than the tracks you play, create and mix.

One of the most important things you need to figure out is what will be the best DJ software to fit your current needs. As you grow as an artist and a DJ your software needs to will change, and while I’d love to say “this is the absolute best DJ software on the planet” I hate when people do that.

So I’ll tell you what I think is the good and the bad about the best-selling software programs around. Continue reading “What Is The Best DJ Software For New DJs?” »

Are The Pioneer S-DJ80X Good Speakers?

Review Pioneer S-DJ80X


One of the most difficult things about starting your career as a DJ is figuring out what equipment you need to buy. If you listen to your friends—part time and professional DJs alike—you’ll end up with high end and pricey controllers or cheap software that doesn’t do what you need it to. Of course you want to get the best DJ equipment you can afford, but does that mean you have to break the bank to get “good” equipment?

Nope. Sometimes expensive equipment is just…a waste of money.

And that brings me to the topic of today: good speakers. Pioneer has recently released a set of killer speakers, the S-DJ80X. These babies are sleek and they have high-grade components that deliver quality sound. Pioneer says they’re good speakers for DJs and producers, but are they good for you? Continue reading “Are The Pioneer S-DJ80X Good Speakers?” »

Protecting Your DJ Hardware In Treacherous Weather

DJ Any Gig Without Ruining Your DJ Hardware

djing in bad weather

Music has always been a global way to connect with people. You don’t need to speak the same language or share the same beliefs to connect on the dance floor over a truly phenomenal track. Since the world’s most beloved DJs come from every corner of the planet, it stands to reason that they—and eventually you too—will have to play in less than pristine conditions. I don’t mean mixing tracks in a dilapidated warehouse (we’ve all been there) but more extreme conditions than your DJ equipment is used to.

Concerts and festivals don’t always take place in an amphitheater or under a big tent; today some of the world’s most enticing music events take place in the great outdoors. Whether you’ve booked a gig in the middle of a desert or a snow covered venue, you need to have the best DJ hardware possible…without damaging your best gear.

Keep reading to find out how to preserve your DJ hardware during your next extreme gig! Continue reading “Protecting Your DJ Hardware In Treacherous Weather” »

Virtual DJ 8 Gets Major Upgrade

What Can VDJ 8 Do For Your DJ Skills?


It’s always exciting when new DJ software makes its debut. I get all giddy thinking about the new features and the hours I’ll spend messing around with all the new bells & whistles. The first thing that pops into my head is how I can incorporate things I didn’t even know I needed into my music and my sets.

So when Virtual DJ 8 finally made its debut into the physical world at the DJ expo in AC (that’s Atlantic City for you regular folks), my heart went all a-flutter in anticipation. Of course I’ve heard the rumors of both large and small additions so now I’ll pass on what I know about VDJ8 to you. Continue reading “Virtual DJ 8 Gets Major Upgrade” »

New DJ Equipment You Know You Want

The Skinny On New DJ Equipment


Being a DJ is a lot like being a fashion model; there’s always some shiny new thing to buy and the only way to find out if its crap or butt-ugly is to pay too much money and learn it the hard way. So when you need new DJ equipment or simply want some manufacturer to convince you that you do, you have two choices: window shop or spend your hard-earned money for something that may not be the best thing since the USB.

Or you can get an in with the different manufacturers of DJ equipment and test them all out without spending a dime. Luckily for you I’m here to help you out with some pretty cool hardware and software I’ve come across recently. Continue reading “New DJ Equipment You Know You Want” »

Serato Remote for iPad – What DJs Should Know

Is The Serato Remote App Worth $20?


For you DJs out there who have decided to lighten your load from one gig to the next, Serato has a new iPad app to make life a little more convenient. The Serato Remote provides wireless control, which let’s face it is pretty awesome, since we’re all just getting acquainted with the whole DJing on a touchscreen thing.

In fact, this budget-friendly app does its job so well that those of you reluctant to take to your iPad for DJing, might want to test drive it using this wireless controller from Serato. Before you roll your eyes and refuse to hop on board, keep reading to find out what you should know about Serato Remote for iPad. Continue reading “Serato Remote for iPad – What DJs Should Know” »