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Looking for DJ gigs? Want to know how to get DJ gigs? This section of our site will show you how to get DJ gigs, how to score DJ gigs and how to play a DJ gig once you score it! So many new DJs set out looking for DJ gigs but they end up giving up because they don’t know how to get a DJ gigs. Other DJs get to play their first DJ gig but they don’t know how to DJ a show outside of their bedroom. No matter where you’re at, we’ll have you covered with your DJ gigs right here!

Booking A Gig – 6 Tricks That Just Might Work

Are you using everything in your arsenal when booking DJ gigs?

Flosstradamus @ The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, Ca 04.24.2013.

If there is one thing all DJs know about booking a gig, it’s that it ain’t easy. Venue owners, promoters and club managers can be a finicky sort and most of the time their decisions have nothing to do with the caliber of the DJ. I’ve been passed over for DJ gigs because the owner’s wife’s cousin has recently decided to become a DJ or because some up and comer offered to do my gig for free. It sucks, but it is part of being a DJ.

So what can you do to reduce the number of times you don’t get a gig? Trust me when I tell you it has little to do with your DJ equipment, your musical style as a DJ or even your look. Of course those things can help but I’ve never heard anyone say to me “sorry dude, I only book DJs who use Pioneer.” It has never happened and I doubt it ever will.

So I’m going to let you know about a few tricks that I have tried or other DJs have tried and somehow…they actually worked! Continue reading “Booking A Gig – 6 Tricks That Just Might Work” »

5 Tips To Boost Attendance At Your DJ Gigs

DJ gig promotions

While it would be great if all the DJs all over the world could just focus on the music, the DJ scene isn’t like that. At all. Packing people into the bars and clubs that book you is an essential part of your job. Some ahem, more cynical DJs out there will tell you that packing the place is more important than the music. I’ll agree to disagree with that statement because a crap set will clear the club out faster than the police, but it is a major part of your job and the entertainment.

So many DJs endlessly post the when and where of their DJ gigs and that’s it. Then they wonder why no one showed up. It isn’t enough to just say “hey I’m playing here, show up!” and hope everyone who laid eyes on the post does in fact, show up. Nope, a little more than that is required to get people to show up.

Here are a few tips—in no particular order—I’ve found helpful. Continue reading “5 Tips To Boost Attendance At Your DJ Gigs” »

How To Up Your DJ Game When Gigs Are Scarce

Are you doing all you can to get DJ gigs?


It’s the economy, stupid. When you work in a profession that is deemed ‘non-essential’ your abundance or lack of work comes down to the economy. When the economy is booming DJs will have more gigs than they can handle and when times are skinny, well DJs are some of the first on the chopping block. Whether it is a nationwide thing or simply one of your regular gigs is having money troubles, you need to find a way to make yourself “economy-proof” during those lean times.

Right now you mix tracks and have been focusing on your online presence, right? Well you’ll need to up your game if you want to keep DJing as your primary job. So let’s talk a bit about what you can do to stay relevant and booked no matter how tough times get. Continue reading “How To Up Your DJ Game When Gigs Are Scarce” »

5 Tips To Improve Your DJ Promotions Today!

Is Your House Looking Less Than Packed?


Now that you’re a DJ you probably feel pretty relieved, right? You think you can rest a bit easier now that you’ve started to get regular paying gigs. While that is technically true, most hard-working DJs will tell you that the hard work really begins once you have gigs you need/want to hold on to.

Sure the jobs are rolling in and your bank account is in the black, but now is not the time to sit back and become complacent. As a DJ a BIG (did I say “BIG”?) part of your job is getting asses in the seats, so to speak. You can’t just rely on your Facebook page and Twitter feed to make sure people show up at your gigs, and if you can…kudos to you!

The rest of us mere mortals have to focus on DJ promotions. That means reaching out to fans, potential fans and wannabe DJs and getting them to show up wherever it is you’ll be hiding out in that dark DJ booth.

Here’s how! Continue reading “5 Tips To Improve Your DJ Promotions Today!” »

5 Pro DJ Tips To Help You Get More DJ Gigs

Remove the artist's cap and strap on the businessman's suspenders!

smush-Pro+DJ+gigsSo you have mastered the art of DJing. You know your DJ equipment like the back of your hand, you’re an old pro at using the software and you handle the mic like nobody’s business. That’s all great, fantastic actually, but being a pro DJ means that you have to be the artist and the businessman and that is where many DJs see their career stalled prematurely.

How you handle getting gigs and repeat gigs, networking and public relations will have a huge impact on your business. You already know that you’re a good DJ and you are learning more about it every day. That isn’t the problem. Now it’s time to work on the things that will allow you more gigs as a professional DJ. Continue reading “5 Pro DJ Tips To Help You Get More DJ Gigs” »

DJ Lessons Part III – Booking Gigs

Are You Getting Enough DJ Gigs?

DJ Lessons Booking Gigs

One of the best feelings as a DJ is booking that first DJ gig. Whether it is your first gig ever, your first gig in your new hometown or you first DJ gig making the shift to digital DJing…it is an awesome feeling. But part of why it is so awesome is because it takes a lot of hustle to book DJ gigs.

Most towns have no shortage of DJs which means gigs are at a premium. You will have to do more than smile and look the part to get booked at your dream venues. There are no agents out there getting gigs for you so you’ll have to rely on your charm, your skills and your ability to sell yourself.

Remember you’ll need to start small, you won’t be booking DJ gigs your first night out the gate. So be realistic and take these DJ lessons and use them to help you book more gigs. Continue reading “DJ Lessons Part III – Booking Gigs” »

4 DJ Gig Mistakes To Avoid

Do You Often Make These DJ Mistakes?

dj mistakes to avoid

It doesn’t matter how long you have been a DJ: mistakes will be made. Most of the time they are unavoidable but there are times when you forget hard-earned lessons or you second guess yourself. We often worry about seemingly small mistakes like forgetting a backup USB or bringing the old headphones and while these can impact your gig, it is the bigger lessons that can shake your confidence as a DJ.

You can’t expect to never make a mistake because DJs are artists and humans—two species prone to mistakes. What you can do is keep a few hard and fast rules that you abide by and trust your instincts. You won’t always be right but your instincts will hardly steer you wrong.

Avoid these mistakes at your DJ gig and every gig thereafter. Continue reading “4 DJ Gig Mistakes To Avoid” »

How To Get DJ Gigs – Touring

Are you ready to open for big musical acts?

how to get dj gigs on tour

If you are a musician of any kind these days you know that making money means performing which means you need to be on the road. A lot. Whether you are the Foo Fighters, David Guetta or even Taylor Swift your big paychecks aren’t coming from album sales, especially in the world of the $0.99 single. While the big names are still selling big, without live performances they wouldn’t be half as successful as they are.

So what does this means for DJs?

Honestly it means the same thing. Sure you boost your income, name recognition and notoriety by dropping an album or three, but you also need to be out there…performing. Since your job requires you to perform all the time, you’re probably wondering what’s so different for you now, right? Well the major difference is that touring is now a legitimate and sometimes ongoing gig for DJs.

Getting these exclusive gigs is something you’ll definitely want to do…today! Continue reading “How To Get DJ Gigs – Touring” »

How To Be The DJ You Want To Be

Are You Living Your DJ Dream?


There are plenty of reasons you want to be a DJ: you love music, you are a performer at heart or DJing simply speaks to you as an artist. It doesn’t really matter why as long as you know why and work hard to be top notch DJ. But loving to DJ and actually experiencing success as a DJ are two separate things and there are plenty of DJs who love to DJ but book very few gigs doing what they love.

You don’t want that. You want to be able to pay the bills by doing what you love, right? Well in order to do that you need to come to the DJ field armed with all the proper tools that will make you a big success. Continue reading “How To Be The DJ You Want To Be” »

Get Your DJ Career Off The Ground…On A Budget

Tools In Every DJ's Arsenal


Starting out as a DJ is no easy task. You need to secure essential DJ equipment and then you need to learn how to use said equipment so you feel comfortable enough navigating it inside a dark DJ booth. You need to get a website up and running so you can not only promote your DJ skills but so that promoters and bookers have a way to contact you. Needless to say there are a lot of things you need to get done in order to get your career going.

The problem is most of us don’t start out with a heap of cash to toss out at various contractors and vendors. We have bills to pay, probably a day job, and very little disposable income. What is a new DJ to do? Well for starters, he isn’t going to break the bank to get going, he is going to be smart and strategic. And I’m going to tell you how! Continue reading “Get Your DJ Career Off The Ground…On A Budget” »