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Its no secret, becoming a DJ can bring you a great DJ lifestyle. Most new DJs want to learn how to DJ so that they can get girls, get paid to party and share the music they love. This all does happen being a DJ but theres more to the DJ lifestyle than that. This section has all of your dj culture & dj lifestyle needs covered!

6 DJ Skills All DJs Need

Are You Prepared For Your DJ Career?

Pro DJ skills

Being a professional DJ is about more than getting gigs and living the DJ lifestyle. Of course DJ gigs are crucial to the professional part of your career, but successful DJs excel at much more than the nuts and bolts of DJing.

As a business person, which you are, you need more than one skillset to manage your career, your DJ skills and your finances. You will have to learn how to be a multi-tasker and a quick thinker because when you work festivals and clubs…pretty much anything that can go wrong will at some point. Continue reading “6 DJ Skills All DJs Need” »

7 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Digital DJ

Need more reasons to become a pro DJ?

How to digital DJ

You’ve been thinking about getting into the DJ game for awhile now. You’ve researched all the DJ equipment on the market, looked into online DJ classes and even chatted up a few pros at local clubs. You know what you need to do and you’re pretty sure you have what it takes to make a go of it.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have a passion for music—creating it and playing it—for others to enjoy then you might have a long career as a professional digital DJ. You may think the market is saturated (it is) and that you don’t have a shot at making it big (you do!) but I want to tell you why it’s so great being a digital DJ today. Continue reading “7 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Digital DJ” »

Expanding Your DJ Brand Online

Is Your Branding Strategy Working?

Online DJ brand

These days everyone and their mother wastes hours online. Whether it is pinning photos on Pinterest, flooding their wall with random things on Facebook or sifting through new and unknown artists on Spotify…the internet is the place to be! But with all that saturation many new DJs wonder, how effective is this for expanding my DJ brand?

The truth is that if you’re putting forth a half-assed effort then your efforts probably aren’t producing any kind of results. But if you have a targeted marketing approach along with quality content creation, expanding your DJ brand will work…eventually.

There are things you can do—across online platforms—to make sure your name is on the lips of more and more music fans around the world. Continue reading “Expanding Your DJ Brand Online” »

5 Rules All Pro DJs Should Follow

Are you working towards building your DJ career?

Pro DJ rules

You have been living the life of a DJ. You stay up late attending gigs, networking or perfecting your latest technique. You work day and night to get mixes just right so the audience and promoters love you and want you back time and again. But you just aren’t getting the traction you were hoping for…why not?

There are plenty of reasons; you’re not networking in the right places, people aren’t looking for new talent or you aren’t a proven entity yet. Whatever the reason is, you can overcome it. Really. If you’re willing to work at being a better DJ, a better business person and a better person if your attitude sucks, you can have a long lasting career.

There are a few rules I think we should all live by as professional DJs. They will help keep you grounded, focused and positive as your DJ career experiences the inevitable ups and downs. Continue reading “5 Rules All Pro DJs Should Follow” »

5 Habits To Ensure Your DJ Success

Are You Working Like A DJ Or Playing Like A Party DJ?

how to be a DJ success

When you take a look at the DJs that make it big and those who don’t, doesn’t it make you wonder why one and not the other? What is so special about Tiesto and Avicii and not DJ whatshisname?

The truth is that achieving DJ success is about a lot more than spinning the tracks everyone wants to hear and coming up with some amazing mixes. Those who make it live and breathe the music but they also do a lot of other things throughout each day that allow them to keep up their energy to work towards the success they seek.

Ask yourself, am I doing everything I can to be the DJ I want to be? If you aren’t…what else could you be doing and why aren’t you already doing it?

Add these habits to your day and you just might be a few steps closer to professional DJ success! Continue reading “5 Habits To Ensure Your DJ Success” »

DJ Lessons Part V: Living The DJ Life

Are You Doing All You Want As A DJ?


When it comes to learning how to DJ there is a pretty clear cut trajectory you need to follow, starting with learning how to DJ. You learn the nuts and bolts—mixing, beatmatching, scratching, DJ equipment—and then you learn the art. The art of DJing is the harder part because it is pretty subjective. The things that appeal to one club full of people might send another club eagerly towards the exit. But hey, you do your best and from your mistakes.

But there is no manual or guide book of DJ lessons how to live the life, walk the walk of a DJ. Because everyone’s journey is different. Only you can decide if you’ll be the cool yet gracious DJ everyone wants to work with or if you’ll be the douchebag entitled DJ who thinks he’s way better than he is.

You can be either of these DJs if you choose, but today’s DJ lessons will help you cope with the life of a DJ. Continue reading “DJ Lessons Part V: Living The DJ Life” »

5 Reasons Every Digital DJ Needs An Artist

Why You Need An Artist At Your Side

digital dj logo

As a professional DJ there are many different people you will need in your arsenal. In the early days of your career as a digital DJ you won’t have those staples that are now commonplace in the DJ world—managers, agents and publicists. But there will also be a stable of people you come to rely upon to help you get your career up and running. The problem for most new DJs is that they either don’t know they need these people or they can’t seem to find them.

You will need to have a roster of people in the DJ world including promoters and venue owners, but you will also need a few people closer to home. I’m talking about artists. Whether they use spray paint, acrylics or clicks of the mouse you will need at least one artist who can help you be the digital DJ you want to be.

Why? Keep reading for the answer. Continue reading “5 Reasons Every Digital DJ Needs An Artist” »

5 Ways DJs Can Boost Your Online Presence

How Visible Are You Online?

boost online DJ

In this day and age the digital DJ has to be a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. If you don’t have the entourage or star power of the biggest names in the DJ world, then you also don’t have a social media specialist, publicist and merchandising expert on the payroll to help keep your name and music in the spotlight. Many artists take the “all press is good press” method of publicity, but without a steel-fisted agent or manager on speed-dial it would be virtually impossible to convince promoters and club owners that your bad boy persona is a reliable bet for a gig.

The good news is that there are things you can do without a long list of experts on hand, to boost your online presence and increase your fan base. The bad news is…you have to do it yourself.

So how can you boost your online presence as a DJ? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading “5 Ways DJs Can Boost Your Online Presence” »

DJ Rules To Live By

Map Your DJ Success!


When you are starting out as a DJ you are pretty much like any other eager idealistic newbie. You want people to like you so they will continue to book you for gigs and you’ll play what the audience requests so they’ll spread word of your awesomeness. There are plenty of things you will do to get your foot in the door and if you can live with them…so be it.

Your other DJ friends and even your mentor can provide you with all the guidance in the world about how to react in certain situations or to certain types within the DJ world, but only you can really decide. There are some things though, rules if you will, that you shouldn’t change for anyone.

These DJ rules to live by will make your life simpler and your career as a DJ more satisfying. Continue reading “DJ Rules To Live By” »

Keep Your DJ Calendar Booked

What's In Your DJ Calendar?


One of the best things about being a full time DJ is calendar flexibility. You can work early in the morning, late at night or smack in the middle of the day if the creative urges strike. You are not confined by punching a clock at a day job, so you have time to dedicate to being the best DJ you can be. You set aside a few hours each week to look for new music, you spend your evenings listening to other DJs and chatting up promoters, club owners and seasoned DJs.

But are you doing everything you could be doing to put your name out into the DJ world? Think about it and be honest; is there more you could be doing to further your DJ career? Of course some DJs are content with 2 or 3 gigs each week, but if you want to do more than pay your bills—you want to make a name for yourself—there’s a lot more to do than pack your kit and update your DJ set.

Keep reading to find out what else you should be doing to be THE DJ you want to be. Continue reading “Keep Your DJ Calendar Booked” »