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Getting into DJ mixing? Want to learn DJ mixing? You’ve hit the right spot! It doesn’t matter if you’re djing with some free dj mixing software, dj mixing online or learning to DJ on your professional dj mixing equipment like Pioneer CDJs, you’re going to learn how to dj mix in this section of our site. You’ll find tips, tricks and free dj mixing lessons to help you get started!

How To Be A Better DJ

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Be A Successful DJ?


If you’re already satisfied with your skill, your contacts and your gig lineup then you aren’t trying hard enough. DJ’s are like any other artist in that they always want to be better than they are, they’re always looking for new ways to present their art to the world and they are always on the lookout for that one contact that can take them to the next level. It is in our nature and unlikely to change as long as there is music to spin, mix and produce.

New DJs often have no idea what the next step is once they’ve gotten a few gigs under the belt. They simply think “well this is it. I just have to wait for my big break”. I just have to say if it were that easy none of us would be working as hard as we do to stay relevant and stay popular.

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Choosing Digital DJ Music: Do’s & Don’ts

Are You Making Wise Digital Music Choices?


Whether you have been a DJ for one year or ten years there is one thing we all understand: there is more music available today than there has ever been. In fact if you are still coming into your own as a digital DJ you might be more than a little overwhelmed by all the choices that lie before you. I have heard from many DJs who aren’t partial to any particular genre of music and they have more trouble than most sifting through the offerings and figuring out what to use.

This is the balancing act of being a DJ in the digital age. There is so much digital DJ music available that you’re tempted to get everything because, you never know what you’ll want to use, right? WRONG!! In fact that is probably the worst thing you can do to your poor music library.

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6 Things Every Digital DJ Should Know

6 Tips For Longevity As A Digital DJ

digital DJ tips protect hearing

Every young person starting out in a new career has a steep learning curve. You need to learn who you can trust (and who you can’t), who you should suck up to and where to get the tools of the trade to get the job done. Unfortunately if you never run into a kind-hearted soul looking out for you, much of what you learn will be done the hard way—after many mistakes you fear may end your DJ career before it begins.

The key to success as a digital DJ is to minimize the number of lessons you have to learn the hard way. A guy I knew back in my early DJ days quit after someone he thought was a friend bad mouthed him and stole a regular gig right from under him. Honestly it wasn’t a career quitting kind of event, but when you’re so fresh to the industry it feels like you’ll spend the next several decades looking over your shoulder for potential enemies. Trust me when I tell you that is not the case, at least not always.

But there are some things that will make your job as a digital DJ easier, more fun and far less stressful if you know them ahead of time. Continue reading “6 Things Every Digital DJ Should Know” »

Surprising Sources for New DJ Music

Where To FInd Alternative Sources of DJ Music

find new DJ music

In this age of digital music most of us look to digital sources to grow our music library. We take weekly virtual trips to iTunes, SoundCloud, Beatport and the latest music download source to feed our need for new music. While these websites are a great source for DJs…they are a great source for nearly ALL DJs. Not only are you decreasing your chances of getting music that no one else has, but all these digital sites can turn into a real time suck if you don’t manage your time carefully.

Back when I first started my DJ career the music vessel of choice was the CD. For you youngsters out there a CD is like a DVD…but with music. Spending my days at the local music store going through every single disc in search of the newest releases was a preferred way to pass the time. And often at those tiny little independent music stores like Championship Vinyl gave me great imports and B-sides that other DJs wouldn’t have for weeks. But in the day of digital music files, you don’t have the luxury of first come, first serve at the record store. So what’s a DJ to do?

You have to be a bit creative about how you go about keeping your DJ music collection fresh.

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Keeping The Crowd Into Your DJ Mix Sets

Are You Putting The Crowd To Sleep?


One thing all DJs struggle with is keeping the music fresh. Whether you have a residency in a large nightclub or ongoing gigs at some of the same places, you can’t keep playing the same DJ mix sets over and over again. If you do, not only will you lose the edge that makes you a fantastic DJ, but you will start to bore the audience. When the audience turns on you, your cushy gig may be a thing of the past.

So…how do you fix this problem?

The simple answer is keep things fresh. The not so simple part of the equation is how to keep things fresh. It is a tough balancing act that you will have to learn because it will be the difference between you being a full-time paid DJ or a weekend warrior.

Keep reading to find out how to keep the crowd jammin’ to your crazy DJ mix sets.

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Tips To Improve Sound Quality of Digital Tracks

How You Can Improve Sound Quality

sound quality digital tracks

As a DJ your job is to play great music that not only gets the party started (I’m talkin’ to you, warm up DJs) but to keep the party going. To that end you scour the earth looking for the hottest, most banging-est tracks around to mix them, remix them, mash them up and make them your own. But none of your hard work means a thing if the quality of the digital tracks are, to put it nicely, crap.

I have seen far too many DJs put on amazing sets with transitions in the perfect places, the right effects and ramping up the intensity of the crowd…but the quality of the songs left a lot to be desired. A lot. The truth is that sound quality can make or break a DJ’s set, no matter how hard he has worked to build up a great set. Crappy sounding digital tracks will disengage the audience from your music and they will flee—en masse—from the dance floor which spells bad news for your chances of getting a repeat gig.

Use the tips below to make sure your sound quality is as good as it can be.

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DJ Lessons You Can Learn From The Pros

Tips All DJs Can Learn From The Pros

dj tips from pro djs

Ever since you made the decision to become a professional DJ, you have been inundated with advice. Advice from wannabe DJs, weekend warriors, talent agents, non-DJs and anyone else who thinks they have sage wisdom to throw your way. But what you really, really want is advice from those who have gone from DJ anonymity to DJ superstardom.

Too bad those guys aren’t in your circle of friends, right?

The good news is that when you become super famous you do tons of interviews and people ask probing questions (okay, maybe that’s not such good news), which means emerging DJs like yourself can actually get tons of great advice on everything from DJ equipment to DJ gigs and how to be the best DJ you can be. But as an up and coming DJ you don’t have time to scour the net for these little nuggets of advice.

You don’t have to, but I’m going to give you some of the top lessons you can learn from professional DJs.

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Making Your DJ Library The Best It Can Be

Taking your DJ library to the next level

dj library tapes

One of the biggest differences between old school DJing and digital DJing is how DJs get their music. It used to be that “real” DJs had crates, sometimes specially designed crates, full of albums, tapes or CDs. Today most DJ libraries are digital and filled with MP3, AVI or whatever the file type du jour is. Because of this, DJs can carry around hundreds or thousands of songs with them for just about any occasion.

For some DJs having so many options can be a curse. The key to perfecting your DJ library is not to simply download every single song that you find. Ever. That’s a recipe for disaster. But you do need to continue expanding your DJ library so that you can grow as a DJ and continue wowing audiences with your DJ magnificence.

Some DJs will tell you that hording music is the best way to make sure you have the largest possible selection available to you, but I prefer the scalpel approach; only taking what you need or what you think you’ll be able to use. So let’s talk a bit about what you can and should do to improve your DJ library.

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How To Keep Your Music Files Organized On The Road

Tips for an organized DJ library

organize dj music files

When I first started digital DJing I had a massive collection of music files. First I had all the non-digital music that I had digitized and then all the new (free and paid) digital music I could find online. My thinking was that the bigger my collection was, the more likely it was that I’d make the perfect set that would get me tons of gigs. But of course the only thing that happened was that it would literally take me an entire day just to sift through my music files and create a set list.

Obviously my big ass music collection wasn’t helping me be the efficient DJ-businessman I was hoping to become.

So I met this DJ in Toronto and we hung out a few times and he let me take a look at his music collection and—at the risk of sounding cheesy—it changed my life. I went home and spent the next two days organizing my music files and it really did change my career path. Instead of taking days to prepare for a gig; I was able to do it in just a few hours which left more time for creating music, networking, building a fan base and all the other non-music stuff required to launch a successful DJ career.

So I’m passing that wisdom on to you today.

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How To Make The Crowd Love Your Warm Up Music

Play Any Warm Up Music You Want Without Losing The Audience

dj warm up music

You’ve got your moment to shine in the DJ booth. It’s not the main attraction, but as the opening act it is your job to prepare the crowd for the night of fun ahead. The problem is that as a warm up DJ it can be difficult not to steal the thunder of the main act so you resort to playing some lesser known tracks and you hope like hell that the audience rocks out to your set list.

The key is to trick the audience, in a totally nice way, into loving the warm up music whether they know the tracks or not. It is all about how you sell it, and if you believe in the tracks you’re spinning they will too. Take these tricks to heart to make sure the crowd goes wild for your warm up music.

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