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DJ Lessons Part II – The Collaboration

When Is Your Next Collaboration Droppin'?

Dj lessons

For the most part we think of DJing as a solitary exercise. We sit alone inside our home studio poring over new tracks and trying to come up with the latest banger to knock the socks off those we need to impress. When we connect with fans it is usually from the comfort of home. Alone. Even the act of going out and securing gigs is typically done solo. But there is one special time when you get the camaraderie of being part of a team of artists and create something with another musician.

I am talking about the collaboration.

As a new DJ you will have to get over the idea that all other DJs are your competition. They are, so what? Some of my best friends are DJs and you’ll just have to learn to set aside any real or perceived competition if you want to work together. Doing a DJ collaboration can lead to bigger and better things for your DJ career so find a few DJs you can work with and…get to it! Continue reading “DJ Lessons Part II – The Collaboration” »

A DJ Social Media Strategy That Works For You

Is your social media strategy working?

dj social media strategy

It doesn’t matter how long you have been DJing, the fact is that learning how to become a savvy social media expert is a big task. But as a newer DJ you won’t have access to the paid professionals who can work practically around the clock to help you network, publicize and interact with current and prospective fans. So you will have to come up with your own DJ social media strategy and that in itself is another job.

I know you’re thinking I can just post mundane things about breakfast or hanging with other DJs, right? Wrong! This is why you need not just a strategy but a strategy tailored for DJs. What a garage band needs to do to reach out to fans is different than what you need and it’s crucial that you do it right the first time.

Creating a social media strategy that works for DJs is easier than you think…as long as you’re willing to do the work. Continue reading “A DJ Social Media Strategy That Works For You” »

Best DJ Software

Looking for the best dj software? I get asked all the time what is the best DJ software and to be honest I’m tired of writing long-ass email replies. So I decided to answer once and for all, what is the best DJ software on the market today?




Virtual DJ


Ableton Live

When It’s Okay To Change Your DJ Name

How To Change Your DJ Name

change your dj name

When you first started DJing you probably didn’t give much thought to your name. Many DJs choose the simple route and use their names—DJ Sean Gallagher, anyone??—while others choose nicknames or other identifiers like a ginger called DJ Red or DJ Ginger. But you were young then and the name you’ve chosen isn’t one you want following you around for the rest of your career. So you’re thinking about changing your DJ name.

Is that a cool thing to do or will you have to start your career over from scratch?

The truth is that you can change your DJ name whenever you want, but it will take some effort to maintain your current level of notoriety or celebrity. The key is to have a plan you can implement so people know that DJ Old Name is now DJ New Name.

Continue reading “When It’s Okay To Change Your DJ Name” »

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing A DJ Name

Don't get caught up in these DJ name mistakes!


Whether you’ve been in the game awhile, just getting in the game or you’re looking to re-invent yourself as a DJ, your DJ name is an important part of the persona. Unfortunately many DJs make a lot of mistakes when creating a name that can affect their ability to get solid gigs at reputable clubs.

You may think you’re being funny, witty, sarcastic or just plain hip, but choosing the wrong DJ name can be as costly to your career as not learning the basics of how to DJ. If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, avoid these mistakes when you create your DJ name. Continue reading “Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing A DJ Name” »

7 DJ Tips To Help Improve Your Live Performance TODAY!

Use these DJ tips to enhance your live performances!


I’ve written plenty about the art of DJing, from choosing the right music to reading the crowd properly. Learning the art of DJing is about much more than learning where all the knobs and buttons on your hardware are located. It’s about more than your software and compiling a massive collection of songs.

Sure, learning the nuts of bolts of becoming a DJ is important. Really important. But there are certain subtleties and nuances that are what can really make or break a life performance. This is where many new DJs often get discouraged, which is why I have come up with 7 DJ tips specifically aimed at improving your life performances.

Read on to learn more! Continue reading “7 DJ Tips To Help Improve Your Live Performance TODAY!” »

Google Music Teams Up With DJ Tiesto

The Internet Giant Teams Up With The World's Largest DJ

google music tiesto

If you haven’t heard yet, Google just launched its new music platform called Google Music which is a Android specific music download service. The main purpose of the Google Music Store is to compete with Apple iTunes and to steal market share away from the iphone over to the Android.

So how is this relevant or important to DJs? Google music offers a mix of downloads, streaming audio and social media. The service also syncs a user’s music library across their devices. More importantly, Google Music has launched over 13 million songs from a number of top industry labels. On top of this they secured a number of exclusive songs and mixes from artists like DJ Tiesto that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Dubturbo Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Dubturbo Beat Maker

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Dubturbo Beat Maker

Duturbo reviews

Finding the right beat making software to fit your music producing needs can be an uphill battle. Every software maker claims their product is the best and they create websites touting their own product, making it difficult to know what’s true and what’s not.

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So to help you make up your mind and find the best beat maker for your needs and your pocketbook, I’ve done the legwork and created a Dubturbo review to help you decide. Keep reading to find out if this music producing software can help you.
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Sonic Producer Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Sonic Producer Software

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer Reviews

If you’ve been looking for beat making software that is easy to use with lots of options for the budding DJ, then you should check out Sonic Producer software. As I was looking around for beat making software that offers more enough options without breaking the bank I found Sonic Producer.

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If you need quality beat making software without spending a lot of money then keep reading for an in-depth review of Sonic Producer software.
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