CDJ 2000 Reviews – A DJ Review Of The Pioneer CDJ 2000

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Pioneer CDJ 2000

CDJ 2000 reviews.

If you’ve spent anytime over the last decade around DJs then you probably know that Pioneer has become the industry standard for CDJ players. With the release of the Pioneer CDJ 2000, Pioneer is hoping their flagship CDJ player will solidify their place at the top. The Pioneer CDJ 2000 is a multi-format player that can accommodate just about any type of audio file.

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Curious if the new CDJ 2000 from Pioneer is for you? Is it worth the cost? Keep reading for a complete Pioneer CDJ 2000 review.

What’s Inside

Open the CDJ 2000 box and you’ll get a bunch of goodies to help you set up and get started. Inside the box you will find:

  • RCA cable
  • 3.5 mm mini cable
  • Recordbox software
  • RJ45 Link cable
  • CDJ 200 unit
  • AC  power cable
  • CJD 2000 user manual

Everything you need to set up your CDJ 2000 and get started in is in the box.

CDJ 2000 Features

The Pioneer CDJ 2000 offers users plenty of playback options that include CD/DVD-ROM, USB flash/hard drive, SD card and MIDI controllers. Another feature that DJs will love is that you can connect up to 4 CDJ 2000s just to browse and play files from 1 USB input.

If you need to choose your playback option, the plastic LINK, USB, SD, and DISC buttons are right there within rich. In terms of the play buttons, there are metal buttons for play/pause and cue that can be found in the lower left corner just as a DJ would expect. Other metal buttons include the search and track forward plus a rewind button.

The pitch slider is made of plastic and easily slides from one end to the other. The master tempo button allows users to adjust the speed of the song without affecting the key of the music. The tempo reset button is located right next to the pitch slider which is used to reset the pitch back to zero for perfect playback.

The screen on the CDJ 2000 is big—6.1 inches to be exact. This color screen has an LCD panel that displays album art, graphics and even photos of the song or album currently playing. For easy navigation the top half of the screen provides the DJ with information on current files as well as file navigation. This allows you to see which track is currently playing as well as the upcoming songs in a set. This screen is a DJs best friend, providing them important information that includes track time, BPM, artist and album name.

Pioneer CJD 2000

The jog wheel is great on the Pioneer CDJ 2000, performs almost exactly like vinyl, so if you’re as scratch DJ you’ll have no problems performing up to your own standards. The touch-sensitive platter is ribbed perfectly so your fingers don’t slide all over while scratch and the sides are nice and smooth so you can change the speed of a track when you mix.

Set Up

When your CJD 2000 arrives you won’t want to spend all day setting up and you won’t have to. I felt it important when writing up this Pioneer CDJ 2000 review to mention how easy this unit is to set up. Whether you are using the CD or the USB/SD slots, you use the RCA cable and plug it into the designated channel input on the mixer. If you decide to use the CDJ 2000 for its MIDI playback option then you still use the RCA cable, but you will use the USB cable for audio playback and your music library.

The CDJ 2000 comes with an instruction manual so just read it carefully if you do happen to have problems setting up your unit.

What’s Good

The one component of the Pioneer CDJ 2000 that impressed me most was the big beautiful LCD screen. It makes navigating through music easy, which means you can create sets perfectly and calculate all necessary factors from BPM to album time to make a killer set.

The super sensitive jog wheel platter system was quite good as well. You can customize the tension adjustment to fit your DJing needs, which makes it suitable for just about any type of DJ. The multiple media options are another appealing aspect of the CDJ 2000, because you can use music from a wide variety of files and input them in your device. This means you can take your music from everywhere and put it in one convenient place.

CDJ 2000 review

Finally, what’s good about the CDJ 2000 is the Pioneer name. They are leaders in the market of DJ equipment so you have brand familiarity as well reliability. If you do have issues, you know exactly who to contact to get it fixed.

What’s Bad

The only thing that some DJs might consider bad about the CDJ 2000, depending on your skill level and cash flow, is the price of this unit. The CDJ 2000 will run you about $2,000, which is a decent price for the many options available to you. However if what the Pioneer CDJ 2000 provides is beyond your skill level, then you might find the price too steep.


Should you buy the CDJ 2000? Yes, if you won’t break the bank purchasing this unit then you will certainly have endless hours mixing, scratching and creating music. It has multi-file playback and beautiful screen and the unit itself is a joy to look at and use. Whatever your skill level as a DJ, you can use the CDJ 2000 to improve your skills, better your music and get the party dancing to your tracks.

Whatever your goal is as a DJ the Pioneer CDJ 2000 will help you get there.

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