Creating Your Best DJ Names List – The Best DJ Name For You

Tips for choosing the best DJ name.

best dj names Creating Your Best DJ Names List – The Best DJ Name For You

What comes first, the DJ name or the DJ skills? That all depends on getting your first gig. Have you booked a gig before you’ve chosen your DJ name or after? Is your name based on your mad DJ skills or just a random nickname?

It doesn’t really matter…yet. As long as you come up with the best DJ names list, you can always decide when the time direct online payday lenders is right. Don’t rush into something as important as your DJ name because it is how you will be known throughout your career, and more importantly it is how people will know who to contact for a gig.

What’s your best DJ name?

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You should always add at least a few unique names to your list of DJ names. A unique name helps you stand out in a sea of DJs because it’s easy to remember. Whether you choose a pop culture reference or you simply make up a word, unique DJ names are the best way to go for most DJs.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, take a look at our unique DJ names list:

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+DJ Pizza Slut

+DJ Side Boob

+DJ Snackwells

+DJ Mailer-Daemon

+DJ Yoga Queaf

+DJ Name That payday 2 mods Puppy

+DJ Scarfsweat

Just YOU

The other list of DJ names you should compile are names based on your own name. Of course if you already have a super cool last name, middle name apply now or nickname then coming up with the best DJ name will be fairly easy. You can go for something simple like DJ Chuckie Cheese or any variation or riff off that apply now name.

Just make sure you spell your DJ name the same each time or you risk getting confused with another DJ who shares your name but not the spelling. You want to make sure it’s you getting the gigs, not DJ Chuck E Cheeze.

If you’re lucky enough you can simply use your own name as your DJ name. Makes paperwork, flyers and the like much easier. Take a look at those brave souls who dared to use their own names as stage names:

+David Guetta

+Armin van Buuren

+Gareth Emery

+Fedde le Grand

+Laidback Luke

+Benny payday 2 cheats Benassi

+Steve Aoki

list of best dj names Creating Your Best DJ Names List – The Best DJ Name For You

Make It Up

Your mother always told you to “use your imagination” and she was never more right than when it comes to choosing the best DJ name for you. Whether you just make up a word or mix words together, making it up is a good way to ensure that your name is like no other DJ on the planet.

There are a few key things to remember when creating your own DJ name. First you want to keep it fairly clean. Don’t choose a name that can’t be spoken in radio ads or flyers. Don’t choose a name that will cause you copyright problems should you ever become a BIG name DJ. Finally, keep it easy to spell and easier to pronounce. You don’t want promoters or opening acts to stumble over your name.




+Infected Mushroom




When coming up with your DJ moniker it’s important that you have multiple lists of names to choose from. It could be that some of the names you choose will have seeped into your subconscious from researching DJ names online. castle payday That’s why it’s important that you Google these names before deciding on one, just to be sure you haven’t stole some other DJ’s name.


Once you have decided on a name you will have to make the age old decision: should I use DJ in my name or not? This is something that all new DJs have to decide for themselves. As you can see with some of the hottest DJs around, adding DJ to your name isn’t necessary.

You can be DJ Tiesto or just plain old Tiesto, whatever you decide. Remember that being a good DJ is more important than having ‘DJ’ in your name!

Best DJ Names List

After doing quite a bit of scouring the internet looking for some pretty unique and outrageous DJ names, I’ve found some cool names that should inspire you. These names should help you figure out that no words or phrases are off limits and you should be as creative as you can be to choose your own DJ name.

Look to your favorite song, television or movie character, catchphrase or literary figure for inspiration. Take your time payday 2 creating this DJ names list because—if you’re lucky—you’ll be stuck with payday advance it for a quick payday loans long, long time!

+DJ Google Trends

+DJ Totino

+DJ Tanner

+DJ Moist Owlet

+DJ Quindarius Gooch



+Swedish House Mafia


+Peanut Butter Wolf

Hopefully you are properly inspired to now sit down and create your very own list of the best DJ names!

I hope I helped you create your best DJ names list. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

beginner dj setup Creating Your Best DJ Names List – The Best DJ Name For You

 Creating Your Best DJ Names List – The Best DJ Name For You


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 Creating Your Best DJ Names List – The Best DJ Name For You

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