Is Cross DJ Good For Android DJs?

An Android App For DJs...Finally?

cross dj good for android

In the 1990’s the debate reigned supreme: Mac or PC. In this new smartphone and tablet era we are divided yet again but this time as iOS or Android people. The simple truth is that more of us are Android people, despite how cool and high quality, if insanely expensive, Apple products can be. In fact many of the new apps are not so good for Android users, mostly because they seem to have completely forgotten that we exist, well that and because Android is so pervasive that developers have a hard time creating one app that would work across the different devices on the market.

But folks, that is history because Cross DJ is out and thanks to the folks at Mixvibes, it is made with the Android user in mind. So whether you’ve just hopped on the DJ or Android bandwagon, once you hit the Play Store you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

But we’ve seen this before; new apps allegedly intended for DJs yet sadly lacking in functionality, features and visuals. So I’m going to take some time to see if Cross DJ for Android is actually good for Android users.

Accessing Tunes

The first thing you’ll need to do once you’ve downloaded this app is get some music on your device. Your device should have a Music folder, which you can fill by using Windows Explorer. Create multiple folders for different sets, genres or artists or put it all in one big file. Whatever is convenient for you; just remember that for some reason it does not recognize Google Play.

Now that you have your music, it’s time to explore!


One of the reasons Cross DJ is good for android users new to the art of DJing is that it has perfect detection for BPM and the split mono feature lets you listen to your tracks before you begin mixing them. You can always beatmatch manually too, if you’re working on your beatmatching skills. This is a good feature to help new DJs get acquainted with traditional knobs and buttons on actual hardware.

When you look at the main interface you’ll see the layout is simplicity at its finest. The cue, sync, crossfader and play buttons are big and obvious and you won’t find any unnecessary knobs or buttons on the main screen.

The other great thing about the features is that using them is as easy as using your device for any other app. Pull up additional screens to access additional features that include 8 cue buttons, slip mode and loops. Whether you’re using Cross DJ on your Android phone or tablet you will be able to see EQ and volume. You’ll notice the nice big sliders for treble, bass, volume and mid on each deck.

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The interface is very good for Android users, it is incredibly intuitive. You can sort your entire library by common categories—BMP, title, artist or even the length of the song—and you can play multiple music formats.


One thing that really impressed me and I think will be good for Android DJs is that for one flat cost–$4.99/€3,99—you get the full version all the FX included. You don’t have to worry about upgrading just to access extra features. So once you learn how to use this app, you won’t have to learn more as more features become available.

What’s Missing

As much as I loved to have nothing but good things to say about Cross DJ for Android, there is one big gaping hole in the glory that is this app. If you’re looking for a split cueing feature, keep looking. Even though you can use more than one control at a time, you cannot cut in and out by touching multiple faders at once. This is one of the reasons that iOS is still super popular for DJ apps and if Cross DJ can compete in this area it will be really good for Android.

Other things missing include genre tags in the music library, a lack of key detection and no zoom on waveforms. Once these kinks are worked out, Android users will be downloading this app in droves.

Despite what this app is lacking it is still pretty cool. It looks good, it sounds good—if you have a proper sound system—and it has a pretty amazing workflow. There is a lot to like and love about this app, making it good for Android DJs who want to start learning the ropes. Of course you won’t get the same feel as you would on life-sized hardware and software, but it is a great place to start.

Get up close and personal with your Android tablet or smartphone and then whet your DJ whistle as the next house party.

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