How To Make The Crowd Love Your Warm Up Music

Play Any Warm Up Music You Want Without Losing The Audience

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You’ve got your moment to shine in the DJ booth. It’s not the main attraction, but as the opening act it is your job to prepare the crowd for the night of fun ahead. The problem is that as a warm up DJ it can be difficult not to steal the thunder of the main act so you resort to playing some lesser known tracks and you hope like hell that the audience rocks out to your set list.

The key is to trick the audience, in a totally nice way, into loving the warm up music whether they know the tracks or not. It is all about how you sell it, and if you believe in the tracks you’re spinning they will too. Take these tricks to heart to make sure the crowd goes wild for your warm up music.

Mix It

One of the best ways to play unheard of tracks in your warm up set and get a positive reaction from the audience is to remix it or mash it. It is a great way to introduce something new, but in a comfortable setting so you don’t freak out the crowd.

Not only does this give you a great way to have an amazing warm up set, but it will also let you test out your DJ skills by remixing and doing mashups. Don’t take it too seriously, worrying about whether or not they’ll like these tracks they’ve never heard. You’re showing them something new, so just present it in a unique way and they’ll give it a shot.

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Enjoy It

You know the expression never let them see you sweat? Well that is exactly the advice you should follow when you add unknown tracks to your warm up music. Don’t hunch your shoulders and look shy or guilty for playing some track the audience doesn’t know. You’ve chosen to play so own it…and enjoy it.

You are the DJ which means you’re setting the tone and prepping them for the guy (or gal) going on after you. Don’t be sheepish just because it’s a lesser known track. Just because they’ve never heard of it does not mean they won’t like it…if you present it as something worthy of being liked. Put on a happy face and let them see how much you’re enjoying the track and they’ll do the same.

Don’t Give Up

So you played an unknown track and emptied the dance floor quicker than a police raid…big deal. If you’ve never emptied a dance floor then you’ve probably never taken a risk. It isn’t your job to play warm up music that everyone loves. I mean, sure, it would be awesome if everyone loved every single track you’ve ever played but not totally realistic.

You have a favorite DJ or singer or band or…whatever, right? But does that mean by default you love every single track they’ve ever produced, mixed or played? Of course not, so why do you expect every one of your tracks to be hits? To take your DJ career to the next level you will have to take a few risks, and who knows, maybe the song that clears the dance floor today packs it tomorrow.


This is perhaps my favorite method of introducing new tracks in my warm up music. A good tease, especially of some especially incredible beats, can work the crowd up into a frenzy until they’re ready to burst with excitement.

Play a portion of the song—the intro, riffs, vocals or just beats—several times throughout your warm up, about 8 beats at a time. As they slowly get used to hearing bits and pieces of the song two things will happen: first you can gauge their reaction to the various parts you play, and you’ll have them eager to hear the whole thing when you finally get around to playing it before your warm up set is over.

Mix It Up

Don’t be afraid to mix up genres in the middle of a set, just do it creatively. If you’re going to take a risk you may as well take a big risk and make it pay off. If there’s a new track that piques your interest you want to find a time to play it to make the biggest impact.

This isn’t something you can do spontaneously, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could? You’re already taking a big risk in playing something you don’t know how the audience will respond to, so you should at least take the time to find the perfect place to insert it, seemingly on the fly.

Playing warm up music isn’t as easy as it seems. Being the opening act is a balancing act between being good without being better than the main DJ. Let these tips guide you so you can shine as a warm up DJ without stepping on the toes of those who come after you.

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