Denon DN-MC6000 Review– Denon DN-MC6000 DJ Controller

An In Depth, Unbiased DJ's Review Of The Denon DN-MC6000

Finding the right DJ gear isn’t an easy task and it can be made even more difficult if you don’t know exactly what your needs are as a DJ. If you’re at the point where a four-deck DJ controller is necessary, chances are good that every one you’ve looked at seems perfect for you.

Obviously that can’t be the case.

Today we’re going to do a complete review of the Denon DN-MC6000 DJ controller. This will help you decide if this controller meets all of your criteria or if it’s just another big promising machine with no follow-through. To find out, you’ll have to keep reading!

Denon Overview

The best thing about the DN-MC6000 isn’t that it is an all in one four deck controller, but it works for both Traktor and Virtual DJ. In addition to this duality, it also functions as an independent mixer so you don’t always have to drag your laptop or have special software running each time you use it. If you’re an old school DJ who swears by vinyl or CDs, you can find a friend in this DN-MC6000.

Multi-tasking DJs will love this DJ controller because it has plenty of inputs and outputs for all your musical needs. There are 4 line inputs, 2 mic inputs and 2 photo inputs not to mention the output options which include:

  • Booth/Send complete with 2 band EQ
  • Channel/Master assign
  • XLR balanced master output
  • Unbalanced RCA’s for master & record options
  • 1/4-inch TRS

What You Get

The Denon DN-MC6000 comes with a mounting kit so you can set it up in a booth or in a portable carrying case, making sure it fits all your DJ needs. The unit also includes a CD with an instruction manual as well as a quick start sheet so you can easily set up, plus a Traktor LE CD.

The included mains cable comes with a separate transformer, which is ideal compared to the all inclusive power units. You will also find a USB and a trial version of Virtual DJ. You’ll probably end up buying a full version, but the trial is a nice way to familiarize yourself with it before committing to a purchase.


As much as we hate to admit it, the look and design of a DJ controller is just as important as its functionality. The Denon DN-MC6000 is small and light, which also means that the controls are pretty close together. Some DJs will feel cramped by this while mixing, but if you have light fingers that move smoothly over the controls you won’t find it a big problem.

This is a high tech DJ controller that we’re used to seeing with Denon’s mixers. It’s sleek looking yet cool so you can be confident if you’re using it in a pro DJ booth and you can feel like a pro if you use it as a touring DJ or a weekend warrior driving from gig to gig. Whether you’re a professional DJ or semi-professional, you’ll find that the aesthetic appearance of the DN-MC6000 works for both.

Set Up

When you get your Denon unit you will need to go through a set up period to get everything in working order. The good news is that this unit can easily be set up for Mac or Windows users.

Windows users will have to install a few drivers provided by Denon while Mac users will have to select the proper sound card input & output and make a few settings changes to their current DJ software. Once that has been done, you’re all set and ready to go.

Using The DN-MC6000

The main feature that sets the Denon DN-MC6000 apart from many DJ controllers on the market is its flexibility and ease of use. This unit was made to be easy to use and flexible for different types of DJs. In fact there are so many options that you might it somewhat overwhelming.

You can double up the midi commands by using the shift-key functionality which can make it easy to check what’s going on during a session.

Unfortunately there is just the standard software that comes with the Denon DN-MC6000 so you will notice a little lag with some functions like switching among the decks on each side. The colors of the deck layers don’t match the designated colors found on Virtual DJ, which is the trial version offered with the unit.

Navigating the Denon DN-MC6000 couldn’t be easier. The functions are in the middle of the mixer so you can load songs easily without making use of your computer or laptop keyboard. The mix section also allows you to change the display options in your DJ software of choice.

Should You Get The DN-MC6000?

If you’re just a DJ hobbyist you probably don’t need a machine like the Denon DN-MC6000. It is highly functional, flexible and easy to navigate however it is more intricate than a hobbyist would need. You may need something more software-centric than a DJ controller.

The body and appearance of the DN-MC6000 is just what you’re looking for if you need a DJ controller that is easy to use, sleek and great for a multi-tasking DJ. The controls and jog wheels are built exceptionally well so they will hold up for those who use it regularly. Perhaps most useful of all is that the Denon DN-MC6000 is a great standalone machine.

The price is more for someone who needs a quality DJ controller rather than a hobbyist. At $720, this is not a machine meant for those who DJ once in awhile. DJs with large fingers may find the mix section too cramped but overall this is a great DJ controller to get you started.

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