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As a DJ who never knows what town he’ll be in from one day to the next you will need some killer DJ accessories. I don’t mean the coolest and shiniest gadgets around; you can check those out in your free time. No, I mean that you need DJ gear that is stylish, sure, but you also need functional accessories that will product your DJ equipment.

To that end I’ve rounded up a few DJ bags and cases that I think mobile (and stationary) DJs will want to grab up as soon as they hit the shelves. When you travel you’ll need protected equipment that can withstand careless airport luggage handlers, turbulence and other travelers. So…choose wisely.

Namba Gear XXL Backpack

While it is cool to have a nice sleek carrying case—and I’ll show you a few in a moment—nothing is easier to carry through the world’s largest airports than the Namba Gear backpack that will fit DJ controllers as big as a Traktor S4. Pictured above, you can see this backpack comes with two big compartments with zipper closings. One compartment will fit your DJ controller while the other side will easily carry your headphones, laptop, cords, water and anything else a traveling DJ could ever need.

And you can rest assured that the straps are sturdy enough so they won’t break and large enough to distribute the weight evenly.

Odyssey Redline 3XL

If you’re carrying around a big load, and by that I mean a DJ controller along the lines of the Pioneer DDJ-SZ, then you’ll love the new Redline bag from Odyssey. In fact if you have anything smaller you may find this a pretty sturdy carry-all.

Don’t be fooled by the loose nature of the bag; there are Velcro straps inside so you can keep your controller in place as you travel. Plus it’s totally padded on the inside so there’s less of a chance that some hapless traveller will ruin your kit by tossing their suitcase on top of your precious gear. With the front pocket on the Redline 3XL you can store the rest of your gear you’ll need for any DJ gig that arises.


Magma CTRL Case

While I wholly admit that I’m not too fond of DJ gear that is specialized for specific gear, I have to admit that this case from Magma is pretty cool. It’s made especially for the NV from Numark so if you have that you’ll be happy to know that this case is made to order.

If you don’t you can simply sit back and admire the artistry. The foam lining is the real appeal here because you aren’t just protecting your DJ controller from scratches and superficial damage; you are protecting your expensive piece of DJ equipment. The fit is snug so it won’t run all over the case, ensuring you get your equipment to the gig in one piece.

UDG Carl Cox

I know I just said I don’t like these specially made bags and here I am talking about the UDG bag that fits the Kontrol S8 from Traktor. But again, this is just a beautifully designed bag…if you have a Kontrol S8.

It looks like an extra large briefcase so you can carry it by the attached handle or you can attach a strap for easier transport. It offers a snug fit for the S8 but I imagine you can get away with a few other DJ controllers. There are no added bells and whistles but it’s large yet slim so you can slide it into snug spaces to keep it safe while you travel.

What To Consider

You may think that purchasing a bag for all of your DJ equipment and accessories is a simple matter, but it isn’t. You need a bag made of sturdy material, hopefully at least somewhat waterproof and that will fit all of your gear.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new DJ make is schlepping to the club with several bags containing DJ essentials. A disorganized bag or bags will extend your setup time immensely, which means you probably won’t be relaxed and ready to go when your gig starts. Get a bag that will hold all of your DJ needs in a need and organized fashion, so you just have one big bag.

There is also the matter of price. These DJ bags can get ridiculously expensive if you don’t watch out, which is one of the reasons I am so opposed to these bags that match a certain DJ controller. But these bags are definitely worth the cost if they can withstand regular DJ controller upgrades. One thing I can tell you for sure is that you won’t always stay with the exact same controller or even the same manufacturer, so unless you’re rolling in the dough don’t get a bag for one type of controller.

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