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6 Tips To Further Your DJ Career

the best dj advice to take

If you haven’t learned yet that DJing is hard work, then you will learn it soon enough. Whether it is the late hours, long gigs, unruly clubbers or shifty club owners there is a lot more to being a DJ than simply spinning tracks and set lists. It is your job as a DJ to figure out how to deal with the bad parts without letting the good parts suffer.

The good news is that the world of DJing is a lot more open than it used to be and comes with many more opportunities than DJs before us had. The bad news is that these opportunities may overwhelm you to the point of giving up. But if you stick it out and learn to navigate the right gigs and play nice with the right people you’ll find that the best DJ advice you’ve received is the simplest.

Take this advice and let it help you become the best DJ you can be.

Choose Wisely

One of the things I wished I had known in the early days of my career is that not all gigs are good gigs. I often found myself working incredibly long gigs for little or no money. Of course some of those free gigs did pay off, but in the end most of them did very little to help my career as a DJ.

The point here is that you should be choosing your gigs wisely. Don’t feel obligated to accept any and all gigs that come your way just so you can say you’ve been booked. Some gigs are just unpaid and the only thing you’ll get out of is experience, which is great, but how many of those gigs will you accept and miss out on something better?

Check Your Ego

It’s easy to let a club owner, friends or even an enthusiastic promoter convince you that you are the best thing to happen to the DJ world since digital music. You’ll find that there are a lot of people in the DJ world who will blow smoke where the sun don’t shine, and very few of them are sincere. So don’t let the compliments go to your head. Sure, you’re a talented DJ…so what?

No one likes an egomaniac and those in a position to help or hurt your career as a DJ will be far more willing to help a gracious DJ.

Carpe Diem

Seize the day is probably the absolute best DJ advice I have ever received. If you want to know how to be a DJ then you need to learn how to be a DJ who takes risks. Are you unsure if you should put that overseas trip on your credit card? Should you open for this relatively unknown indie band? Should you be the warm up DJ for a guy you hate? Yes, yes and abso-freakin-lutely YES! YES! YES!

These opportunities don’t come around often and they don’t come around for everyone. So do yourself a favor and grab on to those chances and maximize them. That trip overseas may give your music new depth. That indie band may end up making it big and a small-time tour will help put your name on the map. And that DJ you hate just might screw up big time leaving you bumped up to the main attraction.

Don’t let excuses prevent you from seizing DJ moments that could become important later.

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Accept Help

Here’s a helpful hint for you aspiring DJs out there; not all DJs are out to get you. Yes being a DJ is a competitive gig that will often times have you going up against your friends for gigs, but that doesn’t mean they’re trying to sabotage you. If someone is offering to introduce you to a promoter, asking you to be their replacement for a gig or wants to collaborate…do it.

As I said before this is a competitive industry and if someone is offering to help you get a gig or be more than a DJ…let them!

Branch Out

This is not only one of best nuggets of DJ advice I’ve ever received but it also has allowed me to continue being a DJ while pursuing other passions. The ability to branch out of the nightclub or festival scene will help you become a better DJ, better musician and a better business person.

You may decide to produce music for other, write film scores, songs or something not involving the music aspect of the music industry at all. The point is that you shouldn’t be afraid to do other things that inspire you; but rather you should be looking for those things so you don’t get down when gigs are few and far between.


One of the things that I think has really helped my passion for music is traveling. Whether you stay close and go to Toronto or Cancun or you head over the ocean for Berlin, London or Prague traveling will expand your musical horizons, which will make you a better musician.

There is so much of the world to see and experience, that can enhance your passion for music. Perhaps those Brazilian-influenced beats will become the signature style that makes you stand out or maybe your current style will be all the rage in Denmark. The point is that getting out in the world is a great source of inspiration for any artist and what you find when you get out there may change the course of your career as a DJ.

What’s the best DJ advice you’ve ever received?

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