DJ For Beginners – Getting Started As A DJ

Tips On How To DJ For Beginners

dj tips for beginners DJ For Beginners – Getting Started As A DJ

As a new DJ you’ve probably spent most of your time perfecting your craft. You have been working diligently to come up with great tracks, a unique sound and smooth transitions from one song to the next. But have you given any thought to your career as a DJ?

Many beginner DJs often forget that DJing is a business as well as entertainment. When you’re trying to figure out how to DJ for beginners you need to always be mindful of what you need to do in order to promote yourself and get gigs. Getting started as a new DJ isn’t difficult, but it can be a lot easier if you follow these how to DJ for beginners tips.

Social Media

In this age of Facebook and Twitter and all other brands of social media, it is important that any how to DJ list for beginners reminds you the importance of having a social media presence. Before your name is well-known or even before you get your first paid gig you should begin to cultivate your social media presence.

Social media is a great way to put you in touch with others in the DJ world that may able to help you make the leap from beginner DJ to experienced working DJ. More importantly though, being social media savvy will provide you with a wealth of information that any beginner DJ needs to get his or her career off the ground.


When you looked up DJ for beginners you probably wanted to know what you needed to help you get started. Well, one of the first things you need is a DJ resume, also known as a demo. A good demo will help you land jobs, and the better your demo is the better your job offers will be.

It is best for beginner DJs to have several different demos to match up to the many types of venues you’ll want to audition for. Don’t pigeon hole yourself before you even get your first gig, so be prepared to work all types of venues and be prepared to audition for a variety of audiences.

DJ Contacts

One of the best tips I ever received as a beginner DJ was the importance of a good rolodex. Of course only middle aged businessmen use rolodexes these days, it is still super important that you have a list of contacts in the DJ world.

As a beginner you probably don’t have very many personal contacts but since you’re a go-getter, you’ve been compiling a list of anybody who’s anybody in the DJ world in your city and probably several cities over…right?

Keep cultivating that list because as a beginner DJ you’ll want to call these people for auditions, send them your demos and even check out their events so that you can network.

Make Friends

Plenty of experienced DJs hate this part of the game but the truth is that as a how to DJ for beginners rules say you must get out there and make friends. Find DJs you can learn from and chat them up, invite the biggest party goers and socialites in your city to your gigs and make nice with them.

The rules of DJing for beginners dictate that you find the people in the know and make them your friends. You want to be the first know when a new club is opening, when a big event is without a DJ and who can help you become a household name. Having the inside track in the DJ world can mean the difference between mediocrity and full blown success.

DJ for beginners DJ For Beginners – Getting Started As A DJ

Get Out There

Whether or not you are a party animal, as a beginner DJ it is your job to get out there and attend musical events. Whether it’s a festival, listening to other DJs or any other music-based event; make sure you’re there. In order to compete with the best DJs you need actually go the clubs and see what’s happening.

There’s actually a good and totally self-interested reason to get out there as well; YOU. Attending events lets you see what styles work with different types of venues so that for the cost of entry you’re actually learning more about what it takes to be a good DJ. Seeing how crowds respond to mainstream hits and underground tracks will help you learn the best time to play them. Think of these events as learning with a two drink minimum!

Finally, supporting other event promoters may help you foster a relationship with them so they support your events when the time comes. Sign up for mailing lists, e-mail lists and any other preferred memberships so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the DJ scene.

Music Music Music

There are plenty of beginners out there who think they have the world’s best music collection. They can rattle off name of producers and artists ad nauseum. But what many of these bedroom DJs lack is a more current collection.

As someone interested in learning how to DJ for beginners you should make it your goal to find at least one new track each week. Surf the different download sites, attend events and get your hands on as much new music as possible to help keep your current of the ever evolving music scene. Don’t be afraid to buy music out of your comfort zone or genre.

Fantastic DJs can make all types of music work and the better your collection, the more unique your sound will be. 

I hope I helped you learn how to DJ for beginners. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to get started as a disk jockey!

beginner dj setup DJ For Beginners – Getting Started As A DJ

 DJ For Beginners – Getting Started As A DJ


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 DJ For Beginners – Getting Started As A DJ

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