How To Help Your DJ Career

Rethink, regroup and rework the path to DJ stardom!

Help your DJ career

So I dispense a lot of advice here about how to DJ, how to become a DJ and what you need to do in order to maximize opportunities in your career, right. Well, I try. But many of you have wondered—sometimes aloud—what your options are when you feel as if your DJ career is going nowhere fast.

DJ gigs may not be rolling in as fast as you’d hoped they would and you’re spending more money working than you are making it. It can be a problem and at some point pretty much every DJ has been there. When you reach this point you probably think about giving up. Don’t. You need to make adjustments…if being a professional DJ is something you really want to do.

Keep reading to learn how to help your DJ career without giving it up.

Get A Day Job

I know that having a day job sucks. I thought so when I was first starting out and that probably made my journey a lot harder than it really needed to be.

There are downsides to having a day job: you’re always tired, you have to get up early and it requires you to be an ace schedule manager. You have to commit yourself to getting up every day and going to the job whether you want to or not, while also making time to practice your DJ skills, hustle for gigs and the all important social media promotion.

But having a day job also gives you the cushion you need to pursue your DJ dreams without giving up prematurely. You’ll have money to pay the bills so you can focus on getting gigs, producing tracks and slowly making the transition to a full time professional DJ.

Just Do It

I know that plenty of you out there are waiting for that so-called ‘perfect moment’ to jumpstart your DJ career. Don’t wait because that moment will only come when you create it. If you have the DJ equipment and you feel comfortable using it, starting creating some sets and doing a few free or low paying gigs to get your demo prepped to send out.

Simply taking the plunge will take the stress away from waiting for that moment and before you know it, you’ll have a DJ career.

Out Of The Box Gigs

I know when you’re in your bedroom or basement dreaming of DJ superstardom your dreams lean more towards huge stadiums, hot nightclubs around the world and big name festivals. Sure that’s great, all actors want to win an Oscar…but they all started out on Law & Order.

What I mean is that you might want to consider taking those DJing gigs that are less glamorous such as weddings, conferences, balls & galas, high school dances, college parties and yes, even bar mitzvahs. These are paying gigs that you should think of as “starter gigs”. They may not be what you dreamed about doing but these gigs pay so they will help you build up your DJ resume. But even more important than that these gigs will help you gain confidence inside the DJ booth so when you finally do get your dream gigs you’ll be comfortable and awesome…and ready to stay there!

Start your pro DJ career

Be Active Online

Many newbies think that they have to have a following in order for social media to work for them. That is simply untrue. In fact I would argue that if you go online and let people follow you on your journey to becoming a professional DJ, they will be more invested in you. They “knew you when” and they will promote the hell out of you once you get that first gig, that first big gig and that first blowout hit.

Start with DJ and music forums, invite music lovers to your Facebook page and join groups that will put you in touch with fellow music lovers.

Get A DJ Mentor

You want to be a DJ and you probably even have a local DJ you look up to. He may be a dick but guess what? There will be tons of local DJs who are willing to mentor you during the early stages of your career. Find someone you trust and respect to help you navigate the way to your pro DJ career.

This means you must get out of your house and interact with people in the music world. Talk to club owners, bar staff, promoters and event planners in your area as well as getting to know local DJs. These are the people who can give you pointers that will ease your path to DJ success.

In A Nutshell…

There will be many things that happen that will make you question whether or not you’re cut out for the life of a professional DJ. Don’t let those things discourage you. Simply regroup and figure out what you need to do to keep pursuing your dream.

I hope I helped you realize you don’t have to give up your DJ dreams. Figure out what you have to do to become a pro DJ and…do it! Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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