What Are The Best DJ Controllers For You?

Which DJ controller is best for your DJ style?


When we think of DJ equipment we often think in terms of basic needs rather than performance needs. We need headphones so we go out and find the best headphones we can afford instead of thinking about high performance headphones that improve our work as DJs. This is especially true when most DJs are in the market for new DJ controllers. We know we need one so we look for a controller that has the most features and software compatibility and is in our budget.

But what about finding a DJ controller that actually does exactly what we need it to do? This should be your number one goal when purchasing a new controller, but of course there will be other factors to consider.

Best Controller Without A Laptop

If you’re a DJ who does not use a laptop during gigs then your options for DJ controllers are somewhat limited compared to laptop DJs. But just because your options are limited doesn’t mean you can find a solid controller to help you get the job done.

For DJing without a laptop you can’t go wrong with Pioneer XDJ-Aero. This all in one controller can connect wirelessly, which means mobile DJs can shorten their set up time and worry less about cable mishaps mid-gig. If you don’t spend a great deal of time, this DJ controller will appeal to you because you can simply use music on your tablet or smartphone.

DJs Who Scratch

Some may consider it “old school” to scratch but I’ve heard many DJs still use this technique. Scratching can be amazing when it is done correctly on a good piece of hardware, and if you’re looking to add scratching to your repertoire or you’re in the market for new scratch-friendly hardware then look no further than the Numark 4Trak controller.

When it comes to DJ controllers that perform amazingly well, the 4Trak does it. The high resolution jogs work like a charm and the scratch performance is well above average. Even if you don’t scratch or if you don’t scratch often it doesn’t matter because t 4Trak has a power button for scratch mode so you can turn it on and off as you need it. This feature really stood out for me because non-scratchers can keep it off to avoid affecting a track by accidentally hitting the jogs.


Who would love it? That’s simple…all DJs. Whether you DJ at a bar, you’re a mobile DJ or a beginner DJ, this is a nice piece of equipment that will enhance any DJ performance. Of course this baby offers more than most standard DJ controllers, but it won’t overwhelm you.

DJs Who Loop

Looping is become a more and more popular part of DJing…for some DJs. If you know how to loop correctly you can take a great set and make it spectacular. Instead of relying on tired pre-packaged loops you can create your own and store up to 9 different loops on the Numark NS6 DJ controller. With nine stored loops and one on the fly—for those moments when you find an unknown loop in the midst of a set—giving you 10 loops.

Obviously there’s a lot more to love about the Numark DJ controller, but the 10-button loop is a stand out feature. If you’ve been looking for a way to work loops into your sets without it looking like you’re trying too hard, the NS6 gives you the perfect method to practice.

Another reason to fall in love with DJ controllers like the NS6 is that it works as a standalone mixer for those who need it.


Other Factors

Finding the right DJ controller is never about just one factor. A good DJ, a smart DJ looking to get a solid machine for a good price knows there are several factors to consider when purchasing a DJ controller. For example is the cost worth what you get? Are you paying a premium price for a basic controller or are you getting tons of useless features dressed up to seem like a lot for a little?

The DJ industry is huge and there are millions of dollars to be made selling DJ equipment so make sure you get what you need. What kind of software do you use—Serato or Traktor—because it matters when it comes to the hardware you get and the type of music you use. Mobile DJs will want a lightweight DJ controller that transports easily, wedding DJs will want a good sound system and mic input and a mixer will need several inputs and decks to do their job correctly.

Price will always be a factor when buying DJ controllers but it shouldn’t be the only factor. Be smart and find a basic controller if you don’t yet have a stream of paid gigs and money is tight. If you’re a working DJ however in need of an upgrade, don’t be cheap. Get the controller that does what you need it to do, after all it’s you career that’ll suffer with a cheap piece of machinery.

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