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Looking to buy DJ equipment? Want to know how to judge the quality of used dj equipment for sale? What’s the best DJ equipment for beginners? When it comes to DJ equipment we’ve got you covered. Pretty much everything you need to know for getting started with DJing and dj gear is here!

How To DJ Fast – DJ Equipment Basics

Get your DJ equipment in order first, then get gigs!

DJ equipment basics How To DJ Fast – DJ Equipment Basics

Being a DJ these days is technically easier than ever. You no longer need to pay for studio time or expensive production equipment just to mix and basic DJ equipment is more reasonably priced than ever. In fact many new DJs will tell you that the most difficult aspect of learning how to DJ is learning how to DJ. Mastering equipment is no longer the big uphill battle it used to be, learning the skills and techniques will take up most of your time.

But before you sign up for online DJ courses, start hittin’ the clubs and hustling for DJ gigs…you need to make sure you understand how your equipment works as well as how to work it. Continue reading “How To DJ Fast – DJ Equipment Basics” »

DJ Equipment Review: Akai Pro AFX

Do you have the modular control the AFX gives?

Akai Pro AFX Dj review DJ Equipment Review: Akai Pro AFX

If you’re a dedicated Serato DJ and you’ve been looking for…a little more control then you just might be in the market for the Akai Pro AFX. This is a modular controller that’s meant to be integrated into your pre-existing setup. The point of this DJ controller is to, well, give you more control over certain parts of your DJ software. You will be able to more precisely control samples, cue points, effects and more.

This is the perfect DJ equipment for DJs looking to go minimalist in their set up or those looking to add more features to a basic setup. So let’s see what the Akai Pro AFX has to offer. Continue reading “DJ Equipment Review: Akai Pro AFX” »

DJ Software For Digital DJs in 2015

Have you tried out any new DJ apps this year?

smush DJ+software+apps DJ Software For Digital DJs in 2015

Most of us knew that when DJ apps started to pop up for iOS and Android that eventually they would become part of the DJs box of tools. In the last few years however iOS has pulled ahead of the bunch, showing signs of greater functionality and maturity. While in those early days most of us found these apps a novelty, fun little tricks to break out to impress a cute girl or to introduce new DJs to the fun of this digital art form.

But now the DJ software produced, mostly for the iOS platform, is full of features that DJs actually need. Whether you’re a professional mobile DJ with tons of gigs lined up or the recreational mixer, these apps provide high quality solutions. Of course some apps, like all DJ software, are better than others so let’s take a look at your choices. Continue reading “DJ Software For Digital DJs in 2015” »

DJ Accessories For The Mobile DJ

Efficient & stylish ways to carry your DJ gear.

smush DJ+accessories+Namba+Gear DJ Accessories For The Mobile DJ

As a DJ who never knows what town he’ll be in from one day to the next you will need some killer DJ accessories. I don’t mean the coolest and shiniest gadgets around; you can check those out in your free time. No, I mean that you need DJ gear that is stylish, sure, but you also need functional accessories that will product your DJ equipment.

To that end I’ve rounded up a few DJ bags and cases that I think mobile (and stationary) DJs will want to grab up as soon as they hit the shelves. When you travel you’ll need protected equipment that can withstand careless airport luggage handlers, turbulence and other travelers. So…choose wisely. Continue reading “DJ Accessories For The Mobile DJ” »

DJ Equipment Review: Numark NDX-500

Is the NDX-500 the media/CD player for you?

smush DJ+equipment+review DJ Equipment Review: Numark NDX 500

Whenever we talk about DJ equipment we’re almost always talking about DJ controllers or software. But a surprising number of DJs are still working with their massive CD collections and therefore need something more. This means those DJs need a media player complete with CD player, which is why the Numark NDX-500 is such a great machine.

There are plenty of machines available for DJs with plenty of digital music collections who need the DJ controller and everything that goes along with it. But the smaller number of CD-using DJs still presents a viable market for Numark and the others to target for consumption.

The NDX-500 Media Player & Serato Controller may be the perfect machine for CD DJs slowly making the transition to 100% digital. Continue reading “DJ Equipment Review: Numark NDX-500” »

How To Use Your New DJ Equipment – 5 Tips

Practice now...avoid disaster later!

smush How+to+use+DJ+equipment How To Use Your New DJ Equipment – 5 Tips

You have finally made the decision to upgrade your DJ equipment. After spending hours looking online and reading tons of equipment reviews you decided on a brand and forked over your hard earned cash. Now what?

You open up the box and install the software, assuming this equipment is pretty much the same as your old DJ hardware. But once all the bells, whistles and lights come on…you realize you have no idea where to begin. This happens to the best of us. We have spent years with a beloved DJ controller or particular brand of software and are reluctant to learn something new. But brands go out of business or start to produce less than stellar equipment and…we must.

So today we’re going to talk about some surefire ways to help you get used to your new DJ equipment. Continue reading “How To Use Your New DJ Equipment – 5 Tips” »

Playing Santa To Your DJ Friends

The coolest gifts for DJs this year!

smush dj+santa Playing Santa To Your DJ Friends

With the holiday season quickly approaching it is time for you last minute shoppers to scramble in search of gifts for the talented DJs in your life. Don’t give them what you think a DJ needs because I guarantee CDs and bulky headphones aren’t it. Whether you are a DJ yourself or you just have one in your inner circle, trust me when I tell you there are some things a DJ always needs.

Don’t fill his stocking with unnecessary items like pens, bottle openers and other tiny ‘fillers’. Instead make 2015 a lot easier by getting your DJ items to make each gig just a tad easier. Continue reading “Playing Santa To Your DJ Friends” »

DJ Controller Review: Novation Launch Control XL

Can the Control Launch XL help you lighten your load?

smush dj+equipment+review+launch+control+xl DJ Controller Review: Novation Launch Control XL

Have you been looking for a way to downsize your load when going from gig to gig? Well with the Launch Control XL you can grab your Launchpad-S and toss it in a bag along with a few cords and backup USBs and you’re ready to go!

One of the problems with many of these teeny tiny digital controllers is that you often have to sacrifice—a lot—in the same of mobility and convenience. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the same tactile sensations without the bulk? You might find this version of Novation Launch is just what you’ve been looking for to keep your pack light as you travel from one gig to the next. Continue reading “DJ Controller Review: Novation Launch Control XL” »

DJ Equipment Review: Numark NV for Serato DJ Controller

Is the Numark NV just another pretty face?

smush Numark+NV+review DJ Equipment Review: Numark NV for Serato DJ Controller

It seems as though every other day my inbox is filled with press releases and adverts touting the best new piece of DJ equipment to hit the shelves. They swear it will change the face of DJing and rarely is that the case. Needless to say I’ve become pretty cynical about the claims made by the manufacturers of DJ equipment. However that doesn’t stop me from reading through all the specs and occasionally stopping by the nearest electronics shop to try them out.

When I got word that Numark was releasing the NV with a few outrageous features, I admit that my curiosity was piqued. So let’s dig in and see if it is as awesome as it seems. Continue reading “DJ Equipment Review: Numark NV for Serato DJ Controller” »

DJ Equipment Review: Reloop Beatmix 4 Controller

Is The Beatmix 4 Controller For All DJs?

smush dj+controller+review+beatmix+4 DJ Equipment Review: Reloop Beatmix 4 Controller

Whether or not you’re in the market for a new DJ controller, as a DJ it is your responsibility to know about new equipment as it hits the market. I know tons of cynical DJs who rant against how commercialized DJing has become, but the truth is that many manufacturers are upping their game and putting out quality equipment for all budgets.

Today we’re going to take a look at Beatmix 4 for Serato. My first impressions are pretty positive but I will say that this isn’t the machine for a highly skilled and experienced DJ. So if you’re just starting out as a DJ or finally making the switch to digital, keep reading. Continue reading “DJ Equipment Review: Reloop Beatmix 4 Controller” »