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DJ Equipment can be so confusing!

When you are starting out as a new DJ it can be so touch because there are so many different options for DJ Gear…

I consistently get DJ questions asking for dj advice like this:

“I am a new DJ and I have no idea what dj equipment to get. Do I get dj turntables? Do I get Dj CD Players like the Pioneer CDJ 1000s? Do I start with DJ Software like Ableton Live, Mixmeister, Traktor or Serato Scratch Live? What will be easiest to learn DJ Mixing on? What kind of DJ Mixer do you recommend? A 2 channel simple one or a bigger one with more channels? Do I need a microphone to DJ? Should I look at buying a digital controller for my laptop?

I really want to learn how to DJ and I am willing to spend every penny I have but I don’t know where to start… Please help me with Dj equipment!”

My advice for any new DJ looking to buy DJ Gear is to start cheap! The less you spend on your first set of turntables, your dj mixer and your system the better because for the first few months all you will be learning is beatmatching and basic mixing. You don’t need a super fancy set of dj equipment.

There are some great cheap brands like Gemeni, Numark, Stanton that produce great turntables, cdjs and mixers for starting out. I also highly recommend looking at a digital controller like the Numark Stealth control because it is cheap, comes with the software for your computer and it plays mp3s from your computer so you don’t have to buy expensive vinyl.

Once you have then learned to dj you can upgrade your dj kit and pick up some pro dj equipment. But until then your money is a lot better spent on building your music collection and on building a following because these are things that will make you a great DJ!

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