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The Complete List Of All Of The Best DJ Forums Online!

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Back before DJ Forums, when I was getting started, I remember there were only a few ways you could connect with other DJs. You could be that awkward new DJ that hung out beside the DJ booth all night trying to make friends with the DJ, or you could go to an expensive DJ school. To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about either option.

But now there are DJ forums. DJ message forums are a great, easy way to connect with other DJs in your city and around the world to share advice and information. As a new DJ its essential to keep on top of whats hot in the world of DJing and DJ forums & DJ message boards (also called DJ discussion forums) are the best way to do that. Now you can log onto one of he top DJ message forums and within a few hours be talking to other new DJs in your city. How incredible is that?

But the truth is that this isn’t always the case. There are a number of DJ message forums that have dwindling attendance and a less-than-successful (to put it lightly) message forum user base. You’ll find a lot of failed Djs turned keyboard jockeys (people that love to give advice online despite never finding success themselves) giving bad DJ advice on certain DJ forums. And as a new DJ its vitally important that you’re taking advice from successful DJs that actually know what they’re doing.

So without further delay, here are the best DJ Forums for you to check out:

#1 In DJ Forums – DJ Tech Tools

I have always found the users on the DJ Tech Tools DJ Forum very friendly, knowledgeable and light hearted. And while the their user base is smaller than some of the other dj message forms around you can expected a higher quality of DJ discussions and advice.

#2 In DJ Forums – Digital DJ Tips

Like the DJ Tech Tools DJ Forum the users on Digital DJ Tips Forums are super knowledgable. Its a smaller bunch but you’ll find some highly successful and knowledgeable Digital DJs on their DJ forums! The only side note is that its only for DJing (in case you missed picking that up when reading the name).

Best DJ Forums #3 – Digital DJ Tips

The Resident Advisor DJ Forums are by far the best online for finding out whats going on in the dance music world. Their articles and member base are so dialed into new releases, the goings on with artists and the whole scene in general. You won’t find a ton of “how tos” here for the begineer but keeping tabs on what new and hot is an important part of the DJ formula!

Top DJ Forums #4 – Pro DJ Forums

Pro DJ Forums is one of the best know DJ message forums in the world because they have a lot of great successful DJs cruising their boards. You can find a lot of great threads there but you’ll also run into quite a bit of ego / attitude. Post carefully!

5th Best DJ Forum – Mix Vibes

The DJ forum at Mixvibes seems like it was the most fun out of the lot. It seems to have the least ego and attitude and they have a super easy to use forum.

DJ Message Board #6 – DJ Chat DJ Forums

The DJ Chat Dj message boards are one of the largest with a MASSIVE members database and 1.5 Million posts. This forum has been around since 1998 and most of the posts are still live. So if you are searching for an answer to a unique DJ question, the DJ Chat Dj forums should have what you’re looking for.

Best DJ Message Board #7 – Tranceaddict DJ Forums

Tranceaddict is a bit of a mixed bag. I believe its the largest and considered one of the top DJ forums in the world because its had big name DJs like Armin Van Buuren and Max Graham posing in the forums. I used to frequent the message boards for DJs at Traceaddict but recently stopped. Too much negativity and flaming.

#8 Of The DJ Forums – IDM Forums

The IDM forums are great for discussing music but there isn’t much in the way of a DJ forum.

There it is! I hope you enjoyed my breakdown of all of the top DJ forums.

Do you have any DJ forums to add to the list?

What is your favorite DJ message forum? Let me know in the comments below!

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