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The challenge with DJ games is that there are a lot of different virtual DJing games out there. There’s even some DJ games that you can play at home that come with a fun DJ controller. How do you choose what to get started with? How do you find the right game?

Slow down there DJ hero! I’ve done all of the leg work in finding all of the best DJ Games and reviewing them for you! Whats most important is that you check them all out. Download them and give them a try!

DJ Games – Top Picks

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In the #1 spot is DJ Mixer Rage. This dj game rocks! A lot of DJ games are too complicated to have fun with. They’re more like full on dj software. Other online dj games are so simple you get bored within 5 minutes. DJ Mixer Rage is perfect and last time I checked it was 100% free!

I still can’t believe that this dj game is available online for free. Its too good to be free. The company that creates the game does display ads within the game window and thats how they cover the costs of making the game available.

You can add in any songs on your computer, adjust the pitch, loop, mix tracks together and even scratch! The only downside is that its only available (like a lot of DJ games) for PC and I think its only available in the USA. Either way its worth a try because this is the our top pick from all of the dj games we tried!

Download it now and give it a try:

> Go HERE Now To Check Out This Sweet DJ Game!

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DJ Hero is the only non free dj game on our list but its one of the best. The fact that you have to pay for it, and the fact that its not an online DJ game (convenience factor) bumped it out of the #1 spot on our list of hot dj games, but its an amazing DJ game if you can fork out the dough!

By far the best part about the DJ hero dj game is the music. You can choose from hundreads of amazing mash-ups that aren’t around anywhere else plus tons of your favorite original party tracks. Every genre of music is included and so is a SWEET turntable DJ controller that makes it a lot more fun to play the DJ game.

DJ Hero is a lot like the first solid music game ever: Guitar Hero. You scratch, crossfade and use a wide range of other tricks and buttons in time with the music you’ve selected. The reality is that DJ games like this don’t have a lot to do with the real skills of DJing but its hella-fun to play!

You can battle your friends (sooo much fun!), challenge other DJs online and even enter DJ career mode where you start out playing a small gig and work your way up to being Tiesto, Deadmau5, QBert and other big name DJs. When you play this dj game in DJ career mode you end up also unlocking songs that you can use to mix in quick-play mode.

All in all DJ Hero is the best of the DJ Games hands down! Go Google DJ Hero 2 and checkout some of the game play or

> Go HERE Now To Check Out DJ Hero!

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Mixx is an online DJ game that is downloadable for free on Mac & PC! In fact, if you’re on a mac you can find it in Apple’s ap store. Its amazing that its for free on the Ap Store considering they could probably charge a few dollars for the download.

This game has better features than most DJ games. You can pull songs in from your itunes, it can support a dozen different midi controllers, the pitch adjust is pretty precise along with all of the other standard DJ mixer faders and knobs – crossfaders, channel faders, EQs and the works!

The other thing I like about this dj game, that I haven’t found in other dj games, is that its really good at detecting BPMs and auto-syncing. I haven’t found another virtual dj game with this capability. It also supports all sound file types including mp3, wav, FLAC, M4A and OGG. This dj game even has audio outputs so you can hook it up to a real mixer and mix off of it in a nightclub.

The only downside to Mixx is that its a borderline professional piece of DJ software. It can be a little overwhelming if you’re just looking for dj games to mess around with. But if you want to actually dj mix with a dj game, this is a great one to download and try out!

Go Download Mixxx Here!

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Virtual DJ is the most popular DJ software for DJs playing in their bedrooms all the way up to professional DJs playing to thousands of people. 1 million DJs download Virtual DJ each month. Its also been selected by all of the top digital DJ controller companies to be the software that their DJ controllers come with. Quite an honour for a dj game!

Make no mistake though, this is more professional DJing software than any of the other DJ games. Virtual DJ’s beatlock engine makes sure that your songs will always stay in sync and your mixes will sound that much tighter than with any other dj games. It also comes standard with some pretty sick loop and sample effects as well as the capability to mix music videos for video DJing (VDJing)!

The only downside to Virual DJ, and the reason why its so low on our list, is that its more complicated than any of the other DJ games. A lot of rookie DJs have to take their time learning how to fire Virtual DJ up. If you’re musically inclined and get the gist of most virtual Dj games already then have at ‘er!

Go here to download Virtual DJ now for free on Mac and PC!

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Ultramixer is a great DJ game that doubles as a very basic piece of DJ softare. Think of it as a trimmed-down version of Virtual DJ (above).

In this dj game, the graphical waveforms are slick. They’re easy to mix with. It has auto-beatmatching sync which is pretty spot on. You can scratch and loop on the fly (better than most of the brutal dj game scratching you’ll find in most djing games). You can record your mix and re-size the window to whatever size you want – no other dj game offers this. Everything you’d need from a DJ game and nothing more.

The only downside to Ultramixer as a DJ game is that its built out using Java. Java is notorious for being slow and crashing. This means serious load times and even computer freezing if you’re not on a new computer. But this is only in select cases depending on your computer setup.

Give the Ultra Mixer DJ game a try here

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DJ Fest is a full on DJ game that is very simple but fun. You try to keep up with the DJ scratching as he makes his way through his tracks. You can choose to be a guy or a girl. The graphics are sick. Best of all its free and theres no download. This is by far the simplest of all of the DJ games

You can check out DJ Fest here

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Kra Mixer is another DJ game similar to UltraMixer. Its basic and it has all of the basic functionality of the standard DJ games and nothing more. Its only available on PC. The layout also leaves something to be desired but it still has a strong following so its worth checking out.

You can check out Kra Mixer here.

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