DJ Goals for 2015 – How To DJ Better This Year

What Are Your DJ Goals This Year?

Better DJ gigs

Now that you’ve had time to recover from New Year’s Eve and settle into 2015, it is time to talk about how to DJ better this year. Last year you learned a lot about being a DJ and getting more gigs so this year your goals will have to be bigger.

Steady progress is good but in order to maintain it you will have to work even harder. Last year you were the new DJ on the block but now you’ve had some experience and you want to get DJ gigs at bigger venues, perhaps a slot in a festival or two. What will you do to make it happen?

Upgrade DJ Equipment

Some of you may have used your holiday gift cards to upgrade DJ hardware and software so you’re all set to kick this new year of DJing off right. But the rest of you will need to take a long hard look at your equipment and see where improvements can be made.

If you’re still working with the DJ equipment you learned how to DJ on then it is past time for an upgrade. No more of this ‘light edition’ software; man up and get the full program so you can be the best DJ possible this year. You’ll want every advantage you can get to start the year competitively. Make sure everything from your laptop to your DJ controller has what you need to take your career to the next level.

Participate In A New Medium

So you already have your website up and running but it could use a new look. Reach out to your web designer and get it updated so it looks more appealing and don’t forget to update it regularly. The web is all about fresh new content so…give the people what they want!

But if you want to know how to DJ better this year, I want you to participate in a new medium. Join Facebook if you’re one of the 10 people who aren’t on it. Start sending out Tweets and Instagram photos if you aren’t already doing so.

If you’re already a social media expert then branch out. Start your own podcasts or DJ webisodes to expand your fan base. You can start out slow by contacting other DJs and producers about a guest appearance on their shows. Use that appearance to learn a bit about producing your own show, advertise any upcoming gigs and track releases you have coming up and learn to get comfortable “on air”.

Once you’re confident you have the information you need, get your digital DJ show off the ground.

Upgrade DJ equipment

Make A New Contact Each Month

The one area you should make an effort to focus on all year is meeting new people. Networking is an important part of the music industry. Often it is about who you know rather than what you know about how to DJ. So I want you to make sure you are going out when you don’t have gigs to new clubs, listening to new DJs and attending industry events.

Don’t blow off a DJ equipment expo because you’ve recently upgraded your equipment and don’t refuse to attend a gig that you wanted. You will need to meet the newest hot stuff promoter in town, a graphic artist for your merchandise line plus your logo and even other DJs to appear on your new podcast.

There won’t always be contacts at every event, but if you add one new contact to your roster each month, you’ll have a whole arsenal of people who can propel your DJ career forward.

Solidify Your DJ Business

Sure you’re an artist, I know. So am I. But I am also a businessman and that is what you need to keep in mind. If you want to know how to DJ better this year it starts with making sure your business is in order so you can focus on the art.

This means make sure you are happy with your DJ name and your logo. If you’re not this is the time to change it…permanently. This is the year to work on branding. Make sure your logo is consistent across the board. Your website, social media pages and merchandise should all be easy to identify as YOU.

Make sure your finances are in order as well. Remember these goals are for the entire year so don’t blow your entire yearly budget this month.

Try Something New

Get noticed by trying something new with your music. Reach out to a local rock band or rapper to give your latest track a little bit more edge. Collaborate with another DJ for a combined effort and promote the hell out of it…together.

This year you will step up your game and become a better DJ, a better artist and a better brand.

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