Kaskade Rocks Out To 100,000 People!

Go Backstage With Kaskade Before His Show At EDC To 100,000 People!

Don’t listen to the DJ haters when they say

“DJing is dead. Robots can do the same as DJs now”. While these tech nerds are right, electronic music systems can perform a lot of the same functions as DJs, people still keep piling in to see DJs play.

Take the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) for example. This year they passed 100,000 attendees> Ever wondered what its like to play to a dancefloor that big a DJ? This video takes you backstage before, during and after the gig with Kaskade.

If this video doesn’t inspire you to learn how to dj, I don’t know what will. You too can play DJ gigs this big. Kaskade started off in the same place as you are now. He was persistant, had a great DJ attitude and kept focused on improving his DJing.

Watch out for special appearances from superstar DJs like Deadmau5 too. There aren’t any DJ lessons or DJ tips in this video but just watching Kaskade DJing is humbling and inspiring.

How crazy are those shots from the DJ booth with DJ Kaskade? NUTS!

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