DJ Kaskade In The Studio

Go Behind The Scenes With One Of Dance Music's Largest DJs!

This is an hour long video of Kaskade In The Studio! Kaskade is one of the world’s largest DJs and you get to go hang with him in the studio. Right of the bat you’ll see how humble Kaskade is. Think being a DJ means you have to have a huge ego? Think again! Kaskade shows you the right attitude to have as a new DJ!

Kaskade first walks you through his studio, he shows you his gold plated mixer and he walks you through how he made some of his tracks. Its a really open-door look at DJ Kaskade’s DJ and producing career.

Whats even cooler is Kaskade answers questions from his fans live through Ustream and addresses some pretty cool aspects of learning how to DJ, becoming a DJ / Producer and dance music in general.

Check out In The Studio with DJ Kaskade and let me know what you think:

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