Should I Get A DJ Lesson? DJ Lessons Online?

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Looking for dj lessons? I spend a lot of my free time cruising DJ message boards, online magazines and blogs to stay on top of whats new in the dj lessons industry and to constantly find new ways to help aspiring DJs like you that are looking for a dj lesson.

One common thread I always see on message forums is new DJs having troubles finding gear, learning how to dj mix and get their beat matching tight. You probably have or currently are experiencing similar problems and have thought about looking for dj lessons in your city or online dj lessons as well.

I see so many threads saying “I have been trying to learn how to dj mix for months now and I can’t get beatmatching”.

Here is what seems to be the standard dj lessons response: “Spend more time teaching yourself. It took me a year so it will take you a year as well. Don’t bother with dj lessons!”

Dj Lessons Are Very Important

To be honest these guys on these message forums are LYING! If you want to learn a new skill (like DJing), why not look towards resources like dj lessons that can help you learn it faster and easier like this blog or dj lessons? It doesn’t matter if they’re free dj lessons, online dj lessons or you find a private dj lesson…

Grizzled old DJs on message forums (who probably never played any big shows) will say “You don’t need dj mixing lessons… just teach yourself…. don’t waste your money”. Others will say “Just make friends with an established DJ and get dj lessons from him.”

Okay… well how do you find a DJ to give you dj lessons? They aren’t that easy to access. So you have to go meet them at the club or a party. You’re going to pay $10 per club night to get in a meet a dj mentor anyway. It doesn’t matter weather you are looking for dj lessons in New York (NYC), Chicago, Miami, Manchester or Mumbai! It will take you a few visits to get to know the DJ well enough to ask him to mentor you with ongoing dj lessons. Why not just use the $100 you would have spent on cover and drinks for your new DJ mentor and spend it on online dj lessons that will get you mixing like a pro dj TODAY.

There Are DJ Lessons Online For Everything

It doesn’t matter what you are learning to dj on.. there are dj lessons for everything from dj software such as Ableton Live, dj cd players such as Pioneer CDJs or vinyl and turntables. There are dj lessons in your area or online that will teach you everything you need quickly and easily. It doesn’t have to be expensive either!

$100 may be a lot for you now but you can make $100, $200, $500 + per dj gig. Keep in mind that your time is money. You can save the $100 and spend the next 6 months teaching yourself . Of you can spend the $100 now on dj lessons online, get mixing and playing payed gigs within a few weeks.

I say why not just save the time and effort of struggling to teach yourself and take some DJ Lessons or buy a DVD full of great dj lessons. Despite what the message forums say, these dj lessons – online, DVDs or in person – will get you DJing a lot faster and easier.

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