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When Is Your Next Collaboration Droppin'?

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For the most part we think of DJing as a solitary exercise. We sit alone inside our home studio poring over new tracks and trying to come up with the latest banger to knock the socks off those we need to impress. When we connect with fans it is usually from the comfort of home. Alone. Even the act of going out and securing gigs is typically done solo. But there is one special time when you get the camaraderie of being part of a team of artists and create something with another musician.

I am talking about the collaboration.

As a new DJ you will have to get over the idea that all other DJs are your competition. They are, so what? Some of my best friends are DJs and you’ll just have to learn to set aside any real or perceived competition if you want to work together. Doing a DJ collaboration can lead to bigger and better things for your DJ career so find a few DJs you can work with and…get to it!

Why You Should Collaborate

One of the best things about a good collaboration is that it can be a boost to your career and the other DJ’s. You produce a hit track together and club owners and promoters will start to wonder just how fantastic you are solo.

It isn’t just that though. Many solo DJs have collaborated with one or more DJs only to find success as a unit. Think Swedish House Mafia and you’ll get where I’m going. Of course there’s no guarantee you’ll have any success, but think of all the banks that rotate drummers and lead singers and you’ll understand how important it is to have the perfect mix of talents to create something special.

Then there is the fact that collaborating with another DJ or artist is a good way to hone your DJ skills and experiment with different types of music styles. You might find a rocker or rapper with a style you’d never dream of working with, but when combined creates musical perfection. You are forced to experiment when you work with another artist and that can only help you with your DJ skills as you move forward.

Combine Your Resources

When you decide to collaborate with another artist you are also combining your efforts to get that collaboration heard. One of the best DJ lessons you can learn here is the benefit of putting your resources together for greater success.

In the past when I’ve worked with stingy DJs, it has been the worst experiences of my life. These guys hoard phone numbers and email address of agents, managers, publicists, promoters and club owners. They will never ever part with information that you could possibly use on your own, even if it means they have to do more work.

Don’t be this DJ. Instead pool your resources so you can get out there and play your new tracks for the world. This is a useful way to strategize especially if you collaborate with someone with different connections than you have. Even if you’re working with another DJ, split up the clubs by those you’re most comfortable with or those where you do most of your work.

If you can’t trust each other to promote this collaboration how can you trust it will be something anyone wants to hear?

DJ collaboration

Make A Plan

Unless you have all day to dedicate to your DJ career your first DJ lesson will be making a plan. What ideas do you have for the collaboration? Are you going for a particular style or genre? Do you have any part of the track already to go?

These are questions you should answer before you start working together. Collaboration means two or more artists working together but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours together working on individual components. Trust me when I tell you that doing it this way will prolong the completion of the tracks and make you reconsider the benefits of working with others.

Once you have individually and collectively planned out the collaboration you will have to work on marketing, social media and booking gigs. The only difference between what you’d do with a solo track and a collaboration is that you have two people to do the work.

Choose Carefully

One of the things you have to remember when making the decision to do a collaboration with another DJ is that you need to be wise in your choices. Don’t just hit up a friend with whom you share common struggles and interests, find someone you admire or who you can learn from.

Better yet choose an artist with enough differences that you can create an amazing track that’s sure to get you both noticed. Don’t choose a DJ who can’t be bothered to show up on time and work hard.

Both of your names will be on the collaboration so make sure it’s a work you want to show off!
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