DJ Lessons Part V: Living The DJ Life

Are You Doing All You Want As A DJ?


When it comes to learning how to DJ there is a pretty clear cut trajectory you need to follow, starting with learning how to DJ. You learn the nuts and bolts—mixing, beatmatching, scratching, DJ equipment—and then you learn the art. The art of DJing is the harder part because it is pretty subjective. The things that appeal to one club full of people might send another club eagerly towards the exit. But hey, you do your best and from your mistakes.

But there is no manual or guide book of DJ lessons how to live the life, walk the walk of a DJ. Because everyone’s journey is different. Only you can decide if you’ll be the cool yet gracious DJ everyone wants to work with or if you’ll be the douchebag entitled DJ who thinks he’s way better than he is.

You can be either of these DJs if you choose, but today’s DJ lessons will help you cope with the life of a DJ.

Say “No” Sometimes

I know that achieving your goals means hitting the ground hard and ruthlessly, never letting up until you’re where you want to be. But I also know that saying ‘yes’ to everything is a great way to end up burnt out and burning bridges.

I know how exciting it is when your dreams start coming true. How could you possibly say no when the world’s most awesome producer wants to work with you, or some world famous artists wants you to produce a few tracks for them? You can’t, right? Maybe not but you can say no to a few paying gigs if you’re going to take on these bigger projects.

You don’t want to make mistakes because you’re tired or piss off a promoter because you forgot about a gig, so choose wisely and remember that it is totally alright to say no once in awhile.

Map A Budget…Seriously

I know you’re looking at me like I grew a second head, but mapping out a budget will let you know when you can afford to say no. One of the most important DJ lessons you will ever learn is money (and time) management because it is what will allow you the freedom to do what appeals to you.

You’ll have to decide if turning down a high paying high profile gig is worth the exposure you’ll get by working for less with a famous artist. By having a budget of money coming in and going out, you’ll know what you can afford to do this month and what you can’t.

It ain’t glamorous but it is part of living the DJ life.

Have A Passion Project

One of the biggest DJ lessons I hope you learn is the exhilaration of having a passion project. Sure maybe this project won’t produce any big earnings, up front, but it will help you learn more about how to DJ and it will renew your passion for this career choice.

It doesn’t matter what your passion is, make time to pursue it in addition to all the other work you do as a DJ. If you’ve ever wanted to be a promoter or spend more time with a mic or produce new artists…do it. Just make sure your passion project doesn’t take over your entire life.


Don’t Rely On Social Media ALONE

Social media is important. It is vitally important to getting your name out there and getting people to show up where you will be performing. But it is not the only thing that will get you where you need to go.

There are no DJ lessons that will help you become a popular DJ, a famous DJ or a highly sought after DJ. But if you are confident you have committed yourself to learning how to DJ from A to Z then your performances will do a lot to help your name recognition.

Don’t neglect social media, but don’t think it is the only thing you need to do to become a well-known DJ.

Take Care Of You

Tons of DJs enter the industry when they are fairly young and so taking care of themselves isn’t something they think about…until they have to. Your life will become late nights—really late nights—that morph into morning meetings and studio sessions. In all the excitement of putting your DJ lessons to use, you will find yourself operating on a few hours of sleep, eating crap food and spending most of your time on your butt making music.

Do that and your career will peak at 25 and you’ll be sick before you hit 30. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating right and getting some physical exercise regularly. This will keep your mind clear, your body healthy and your DJ career thriving.

The DJs who last long are those who know that they are their brand, and the brand must always be looked after. Plus you know…life.

I hope I helped you learn to live the life of a legitimate DJ. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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