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Everything You Need To Know About DJ Lessons For Beginners

DJ Lessons

If you’re thinking about signing up for some DJ lessons, don’t go anywhere! You need to read this first!

A lot of new DJs head out to buy DJ lessons, find some free DJ lessons or track down some DJ lessons online and the end up making some huge mistakes. There are 3 common mistakes that new djs make when they sign up for their first DJ lessons.

Falling for one of these “dj lesson traps” can make the process of learning how to dj take so much longer. Scoring the set of DJ lessons that are right for you will make DJing fun and you’ll learn how to DJ very quickly. But if you end up with the wrong DJ Lessons from a mediocre teacher your DJing will suffer. The Dj lessons will teach you bad habits and it will slow your progress big time.

So before you go out and buy a package of DJ lessons or Dj lesson DVDs, make sure you know about these 3 common downfalls of DJ lessons:

DJ Lessons Tip #1

One of the biggest mistakes that new DJs looking for DJ Lessons make is they go and sign up for DJ Lessons before they know what kind of a DJ they want to be. DJing comes in many different styles and they differ depending on the music genre. A hip hop DJ is going to need different dj skills than a house DJ or a top 40 DJ for example.

So before you go out and buy DJ lessons you need to decide on a few things:

  1. What genre of music will you play? – The sub-genre of the music you DJ will change over time but as long as you start out knowing the broad genre of the music you like to play (electronic, hip hop etc) then you can find appropriate DJ lessons easily.
  2. Whats your ultimate goal with your DJing?  – Knowing where you want to be will help influence how you should start as a DJ. Do you want to just mix tracks for your friends in your basement for fun? Or do you want to be touring around the world, making re-edits on the fly with complicated DJ software for thousands of people? Knowing this will effect the type of DJ Lessons you should buy.
  3. What DJ equipment do you want use? – Learning how to DJ with Ableton Live DJ Software will be another world from DJing on turntables with vinyl. And DJing with vinyl requires different skills than DJing on cdjs. You need to know what dj gear you want to learn before you buy your DJ lessons.

Make sure you know the answers to these beginner DJ questions first and then find DJ Lessons in your city or online.

DJ Lessons Online Tip #2

When you nail down the style of music you want to DJ, the type of DJ equipment you want to use and you know your ultimate goal with DJing you can set out and look for DJ Lessons. But hold on, who are you going to get DJ lessons from?

There are hundreds of DJ schools and DJ tutors in each major city. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can bet that someone is offering DJ lessons. But heres the thing; not all DJ lessons are created equal.

The harsh reality is that a lot of the DJs that are now teaching DJ lessons couldn’t make it as a professional DJ. They never got to play any big shows. They never got to play to dance floors of thousands of people. Some of them even suck at mixing. Is this the type of DJ you want to buy DJ lessons from?

If you want to take lessons you want to learn from the best! If you’re learning about basketball, who would you rather learn from: Me (played B-ball in highschool) or Michael Jordan? Obviously Mike. Everyone wants to be like Mike!

DJ Lessons are no different. You want to learn from the best. And there are a number of qualified DJs in your city and online that had success with a DJ carear and now just want to give back to the DJ community.

I’m one of them. I won’t toot my own horn too much but I’ve been able to DJ all over the world. I’ve played with everyone of my DJ heros and I’ve made great money and had a blast doing it (credit carla). Now I’m giving back to the community by offering FREE video DJ lessons. You can sign up for them at the bottom of the page.

Either way, be careful about who you get your DJ lessons from. The wrong teacher can give you bad habbits. A great teacher with solid DJ lessons will set you up for greatness.

Free DJ Lessons Tip #3

When I started out learning how to dj I didn’t have any extra cash. As a result it took me a long time to figure out how to dj. Years!

If I had paid someone to give me some DJ lessons I could have advanced as a DJ a lot quicker and learned how to be a DJ within a few weeks. But I just couldn’t afford the expensive DJ lessons…

DJ lessons in any big city are at least $50 per hour and you need at least 20 hours to know the basics. So how do you learn how to DJ without spending $1000+ on DJ lessons? Easy! You can start by singing up for our free video DJ lessons newsletter by entering your email below.

Then you can look for less-expensive DJ lessons in your city. Whats even better though is buying some online DJ lessons. There are tons of DJ tutorials online that you can buy for less than the price of 1 in-person DJ lesson. So you can say hundreds and even thousands of dollars on in-person DJ Lessons. Better yet you can watch these videos over and over again so its like you have your own dj coach giving you dj lessons 24-7.

Weahter you choose to find DJ Lessons Online or DJ lessons in your city you can get started today by signing up for our free video DJ tutorial newsletter by typing in your email adress below.

This series of free video DJ lessons on how to be a DJ won’t be free for long. I’m going to have to start charging for these videos soon. They’re really high quality! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Score access now before its too late! Type in your email below and click the “Get Instant Access” button right now:

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