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When you first set your mind to becoming a professional DJ you probably spent hours, days, maybe even weeks trying to figure out your DJ name. Once that little part was done you had to figure out how you were going to market yourself, your skills and your brand. To that end you probably went online and bought up your domain name, secured all the social media pages with that DJ name.

And…what else?

This is the problem faced by many new DJs; their marketing strategies start and end with social media. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great tool. It is a DJs best friend in terms of a regular and steady stream of content and connection with fans. But it shouldn’t be the only trick in your bag.

Press Releases

When you have something worthy of saying and you need exposure beyond social media, you’ll need a well written press release. Why? The press release is a succinct yet informative method of telling the world—mostly other media—that you have something important going on. It may be the release of a single, an album, a contract for a lengthy residency at a swanky hotel.

If you can’t afford to hire a public relations professional then you need to learn how to write up your own press release. You can find articles, videos and courses online that will help you craft the perfect press release.

As a new business owner you can check out freelance contractors to write up what you need for an affordable rate.

Promo Tours

When I say ‘tour’ I don’t mean a traditional tour where you’re out on the road for 200 days each year performing for huge crowds. No this is a promotional tour that will be the perfect accompaniment to the press release. Think of actors who have a new movie or TV show coming out; they do the talk show circuit for the two weeks prior to the premier. This is the exact type of promo tour you want to use to promote your new track, album or residency.

For a professional DJ this obviously doesn’t mean Fallon or Stewart, but it will mean podcast appearances, radio interviews, web TV shows, web magazines and all other variety of media.

This is where it will pay to do your research. You need to know plenty of channels and avenues that will be open to helping you promote yourself. When you think of relevant magazines, websites, podcasts and blogs…do you know who they are? Are you in the know when it comes to the best places to be seen or heard by future fans?

Start today by compiling a spreadsheet of all the places you can stop on any promo tours you need to do throughout your DJ career.

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I know that among many in the EDM community, creating your own YouTube channel is frowned upon. I don’t really get it, but hey you should know what you’re up against with all the haters out there.

But the fact of the matter is that in this new digital world DJs must expand the way they market content. You don’t have to create a channel that’s chock full of your discarded tracks that weren’t hot enough to make it on your album or into your sets. You can use your travel experience for something wholly unique. The best places to eat at each place you visit, quick interviews with local music lovers and other DJs you meet on the road.

Whether you choose to teach others how to DJ or you comment on popular dance tracks by others; you want to always be marketing yourself and your DJ skills. This is just another way you can do that.


YouTube is definitely one way to diversify your DJ marketing strategy, but you want to do a lot more than that. You should be working to create a network of DJs, producers, bloggers and more that can help you promote yourself.

You want to do guest interviews and posts with bloggers, collaborate with other DJs and appear as a guest on relevant—and not so relevant—podcasts. If you don’t believe me think of Joe Rogan, comedian and MMA enthusiast. His blog or podcast or whatever you want to call it is crazily diverse with guests from other comedians and actors to scientists, kooks and athletes.

You don’t always have to talk about your music to be marketing your music. When you see an actor on TV they can be talking about their favorite charity but your mind will go to how you know them best: their work.

DJ marketing isn’t that difficult if you’re always working to put yourself out there. It is a slow and steady stream of information, contacts and appearances that will enhance your profile. The higher your profile, the better your chances are of getting more DJ gigs.

I hope I helped you learn how to maximize your marketing techniques for your DJ career. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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