How To Get Your DJ Mixtape Heard

Is Your Mixtape Helping Your DJ Career?


When it comes to putting together a good mix you may have noticed that it’s pretty hit and miss. Some DJs have fans eagerly waiting for the day a new mix drops while others toil away on their DJ equipment and never get so much as a “have you heard”. Why?

Honestly there is rarely just one reason that one DJ becomes the King of Mixtapes and the other doesn’t. There are several important factors you must consider beyond the actual quality of your mixing skills, if you want people to listen to your mix and love it. When it comes to booking DJ gigs you might find that a good DJ mixtape can do as much for you as a much-touted live performance.

Do Something New

When your goal is to produce a good end product then you have to have top notch tools to get the job done. This starts with the tracks you mix; don’t use the same old stuff that every other DJ in town is doing just hoping that it’ll get you some notoriety by accident. Instead find some lesser known gems that you know you could turn into an incredible DJ mixtape.

Don’t start with the songs for your inaugural mix; start with you. What is it that you hope to convey with this mixtape? Do you just want to get heard or do you want people to hear your mixtape and crave more?

Once you have figured out your goal then you can start track hunting. Start with a few songs, as in more than two, and whittle it down if you feel it necessary. Just because something sounds good in your head doesn’t mean it’ll translate well once you start mixing. If you must use super popular tracks, use snippets of them spliced with the other quality tracks.

One of the first things that will get you noticed is a DJ mixtape that doesn’t sound like every other mixtape out there from the first beat.

Quality Is Crucial

When you put out a DJ mixtape you can’t create the environment in which it is listened to so you have to make sure your quality is spot on. This means don’t use cheap ripped tracks with spotty volume issues or inconsistent streaming. It is all noticeable in hindsight and those listening to your mixtape—ad nauseum—will hear it all and believe me, they will comment on it. Ad nauseum.

Save yourself the trouble and use quality tracks and put it all together the absolute best you can. Even if you redo it, the first mix will be out there in the ether to be forever commented upon.


You don’t have to be a public relations specialist to get your DJ mixtapes heard; but you do have to go out there and give it your best. You’ve done the truly hard part by creating a master DJ mixtape so don’t make it all for nothing by doing nothing to get it heard.

Start local since you’ll probably have more luck there. Get it into bars and clubs, particularly those that don’t have make use of DJs. Then go digital by posting on your website or social media pages, contact radio stations (both traditional and online) and start your own podcasts. The digital side will require more effort because you need to build a following to make sure you’re actually reaching listeners.

This means going out in the world and introducing yourself to tons of people, telling them about yourself and your music and getting them to agree to play your mixtape. This is the sales part of the job where you have to sell people on the idea of you.

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Brand It

This is part of getting your mixtape heard where many of us DJs fall short. We are musicians not artists so we often forget how important packaging is to the sale. If you’re ever tempted to skip this part of your mixtape I want you to think about big brands like Coke, Nike and Mercedes. You don’t even need to see the names of these brands to easily recognize them by their branding…right?

That’s exactly what you want to aim for with your DJ mixtape. Find someone to provide you with quality artwork with some logo that is unique to you. It will appear on every DJ mixtape in the series or it may appear on every mixtape you create throughout your DJ career.

Think of branding always as you start working on your first mixtape. What type of logo do you want and what does it say about you as a musician? Every step you take will put you that much closer to your DJ goals so think of getting there in terms of steps rather than one giant leap.

I hope I helped you create the best DJ mixtapes you can…and get them heard! Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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