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DJ Names Are Important. Heres How To Find Cool DJ Names!

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So you’re looking for DJ names? Finding a cool DJ name is essential to your success with DJing. Choose a cool DJ name and it will help grow your following. Your DJ name will be easy to remember and catchy so it will be passed along from person to person. Select a bad dj name and people won’t remember it and no mater how good of a DJ you are, people won’t think you’re cool.

Don’t worry. If you’re looking for good dj names you’ve come to the right place! I’m going to walk you through – step by step – how to filter through the thousands of potential Dj name to find the dj name thats right for you!

DJ Names

Ahh DJ names. We’ve all seen and heard a lot of awesome dj names. No doubt, you’ve also heard a lot of funny bad dj names as well. Good on you for researching dj names before you make a decision. Its one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

Here are the criteria you’ll need to consider when looking at choosing your dj name:

Cool DJ Names

The most important part of a DJ name is if it sounds cool. If you have a DJ name in mind you need to ask people around you what they think to see the reaction different DJ names recieve. For example, you may think that certain dj names are cool, but your friends or people in the venues where you want to DJ may laugh at it.

I’ll give you an example. My real name is Sean Gallagher. My first girlfriend used to call me Seany. So I thought it would be cool to call myself Seany G. It had a ring to it. It rolled off of the tongue. I asked some close friends and then I decided to go with it.

As I started to get more followers I started getting feedback from people I respected (other DJs, Promoters etc) saying that I should consider changing my DJ name. The told me that other DJ names would sound a lot cooler than Seany G. They said Seany G sounded lame. My few friends liked it but the people that mattered to the success of my DJing thought it was lame.

Make sure you run potential DJ names by a bunch of different people before you select your DJ name.

DJ Names – Use Your Own Name

Some peoples names are powerful and can be very catchy. When the promoters and DJs started suggesting that I look for other dj names, a lot of them suggested that I use my real name. They said that “Sean Gallagher” sounded powerful, memorable and unique. I didn’t think so at the time but it turns out they were right.

Consider using your own name as your DJ name!

Drop The DJ From Your DJ Name

Most of the big names in the world don’t have DJ in their DJ names anymore. Why? Because its played out. Its not DJ Tiesto, its Tiesto. Its not DJ Sasha, its Sasha. Its not DJ Deadmau5, its Deadmau5 and the list goes on. You don’t need to have DJ in your dj name to show everyone you’re a DJ! DJ can sound cheesy.

Good DJ Names

You may choose a dj name that you think is cool now but a few years from now it won’t be cool anymore. The worst thing you can do for your DJ career is to change your name once you’re into it. So choose your DJ name not just for today but for 5+ years from now!

Unused DJ Names

Ideally you want to find an unused DJ name. The challenge with this is that unused DJ names are rare and you can waste a lot of time looking for illusive, unique DJ names. The reality is that even if there is another DJ with the same name as you, he isn’t in your city. Who cares if you have the same DJ name as another DJ on the other side of your country or on the other side of the world?

Without knowing it, there was another DJ in my area with the same name as me: Sean Gallagher. He lives on the island off the coast of Vancouver and everytime I would go to the Island in the early days and play one of the nightclubs over there people would say “I loved your last CD”. This was odd because I didn’t distribute CDs on the Island and the people usually said titles of CDs that I never created. Years later I realized that it was another Sean Gallagher’s CDs. He was a DnB DJ and I was playing house music but his DJ name helped people to become familiar in that area with my DJ name. It ended up helping me huge!

Make Your DJ Name Easy To Say & Spell

This is a big one that a lot of new DJs get wrong. They create DJ names that are hard to say, pronounce or spell. This is the easiest way to kill your DJ future. If a promoter spells your name wrong on a flier you won’t get the benefits of playing that party. If someone recommends you and they say your name wrong, you miss out on a potential DJ fan. Choose dj names that are simple!

DJ Names That Resonate With You

Ultimately, DJ names also come down to branding. I wouldn’t say that the DJ name “Sasha” is a cool DJ name but he is a cool DJ because of his marketing / branding. Sasha is a brand. So even if your dj name isn’t super cool, with time you can make it cool if you believe in it.

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