How To Be A DJ Promoters Want To Book

Is your DJ style appealing to promoters?

How to DJ for promoters

For most DJs plenty of the gigs you get booked for will be at the whim of event promoters. Whether you like it or not, they are a big part of DJing in many big cities with tons of nightclubs. After years of DJing I’ve learned a thing or two about what promoters are actually looking for, compared to what we, as DJs, think they want. Of course their main objective is to book a DJ that plays music their mostly mainstream crowds want to hear, but it also a DJ that can keep them there so money can be made.

Forget what you think you know about getting a DJ gig through an event promoter. These are just some of the things they are looking for…do you have what it takes to draw the attention of a promoter?

Awesome EPK

I know that you’re a DJ not a professional marketer or public relations specialist…but your electronic press kit is an essential part of telling the world about yourself. This is pretty much the DJ resume and if you already have a kickass EPK then you can send it out to promoters to help you get gigs.

If you have to take the time to create one—a good one—chances are good that DJ gig will be booked by the time you get your act together. If you’re ready to start getting gigs then you should have an EPK handy and current. If you’ve recently performed at a large gig or a festival, make sure it appears in your press kit.

This is a succinct way for a promoter to see who you are, what you’re about and what you’ve done.

Promote The Night

If your previous DJ gigs have been booked by an event promoter then you have an excellent source to see your promotional style. My best advice here is to show that you’re a team player. As trite as that sounds it is also true. A promoter wants to know that you’re going to do more than just promote yourself, show that you are also willing to promote the entire night. Who cares if the headliner is a dick, his night is your night.

I’m not saying you need to actively support all the other acts but if you produce your own digital flyers to get your followers excited about your performance, as an aside mention the others in the lineup.

Be Active Online

This is an active point of contention between DJs and promoters. We all have to be active online to keep our fans engaged in our careers and our music, but let’s face it: we’re more concerned about making and playing music.

But promoters want to see evidence that you are able to get people in the doors of the club and often they use something as arbitrary as Facebook likes. As a new DJ you are probably still working on your social media presence and trying to get more likes and regular visitors, so to a promoter you might not look like a sure bet. So my only advice to you is to just be active online regularly. By regular I mean daily and several times a day.

This at least shows that you’re serious about building up your following which can play in your favor when a promoter visits your social media pages.

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Have An Identifiable Style

Most of us associate clubs that use promoters with mainstream dance pop music so we assume that to get DJ gigs with these promoters we have to play Top 40 music. While that is true to a certain extent, it is more about having your own style that will set you apart.

Whether your style is that you spin many of your own unique tracks—which is a great way to get noticed—or you often play a certain artist; keep at it so that people associate that artist or label with your DJ name. It’s a great way for the promoter to get fans of an alternative type of music to their events, but it is a unique selling point for you.

Develop A Street Team

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook then you know that indie musicians, authors and artists have street teams. These are people—usually friends and fans—that are dedicated to helping you spread the word about your artistic genius.

Find a few hardcore fans/followers that can put in a few hours a week making digital flyers, banners and generally spreading the digital word about this DJ they love. Promoters love to see that you have others who will spread the word because it means the potential for more bodies inside the club.

You have to play what you love, that’s true. But if you want to be more appealing to those handing out DJ gigs, these are a few ways to accomplish that.

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