Why You Should Go To DJ School

Can DJ Courses REALLY Help You?


If you ask 50 different DJs whether or not they recommend attending some type of DJ training, you will probably get a split jury. There are tons of digital DJs who will tell you they learned a lot by attending online DJ courses while others will tell you it was an overpriced waste of time. But then, there are vinyl or CD-based DJs who will tell you that digital courses helped them make the leap from old school to new school.

So…who do you listen to?

Like with most major life decisions the choice ultimately is yours. Do you have all the necessary artistic and equipment know-how? Do you already have a foot in the door inside the DJ world? If so you may think that you can bypass DJ school and jump straight into the world of professional DJing, right? Maybe, but I’m going to tell you why you should get proper DJ training.

What It Won’t Do

Let me be clear on one thing that many new DJs get wrong. Attending and completing DJ courses in no way will send you into the DJ stratosphere. No more than a law degree from Harvard will make you a Supreme Court Justice in the first year, will a DJ certificate guarantee you gigs…never mind at big clubs.

What completing DJ school will do is give you the proper training to be good DJ so when you go out there and start booking gigs, promoters will want to book you again and again. You will still have to pay your dues, which may mean free gigs, carting around equipment and proving your worth to the best promoters in your city.

Going to DJ school is the easy part…living it is much harder.

Guest Teachers

Many of the best DJ courses are taking a page from the traditional Universities and getting big name guest teachers and speakers to attend a few classes. Just like at old school colleges this is what students love!

They want to get even a few personal lessons from big name DJs who they not only admire, but also whom they hope to emulate in the future. Getting a chance to talk face to face with one of your idols is a good reason to sign up for DJ courses because who knows what nugget of information they’ll let slip that will change the course of your career?

Of course this isn’t the only reason to sign up, but wouldn’t you love to get advice from those actually out there living the life of a professional DJ?

DJ Circle

New DJs always have problems connecting with other DJs. Whether it is because they simply lack the confidence to go out there and introduce themselves to others or because the experienced DJs are threatened by them and blow them off…who knows. But when you attend a school for DJs you have a large pool of potential friends and colleagues who may become useful to you in the future.

Plenty of DJs meet out there on “the circuit” but the close ones often have relationships that pre-date their professional careers. Think of those DJ wannabes who have been in the trenches with you; they know what you’re going through because they are too. But beyond that you don’t want to forget these people when you graduate because you will need a support system with at least a few people who get it.


Music Theory & History

You don’t need to go to art school to become an artist but doing so will give you great insight into different techniques and theories on other mediums that may inspire you. This is exactly the same sentiment I express when newbies tell me DJ school is a waste of money. Sure you can definitely learn music theory on your own but it really is a complex body of knowledge and you might miss out on a lot by trying to do it on your own.

There are a lot of different genres and artists on the family tree that is currently EDM and if you only know the music you like you can miss out on some really cool sources of inspiration.


Yes there are tons of DJs who have never (ever!) received any type of formal training. They became big names by putting their blood and sweat into the music and bugging the hell out of promoters and club owners until they got their shot. But not every actor wins an Oscar for their first film, in fact most don’t, so expecting that success right away is unrealistic and harmful to your morale.

The point of DJ school is to provide you with a structured method of learning so when you start creating music and set lists you do so in a rational manner that will minimize your time “in the office”. You will know the best way to mix, mash and produce and that will help you treat DJing as a career rather than an easy way to make money.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for classes either; start your DJ training by searching for free online courses to get you started.

I hope I helped you make your decision about DJ school. Email in the box below to get access to Free video DJ lessons that will answer all of your questions on how to become a disk jockey!

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