DJ Schools – Should I Choose A Dj School Online?

When choosing your DJ school there are a few important things to consider!

How To Be A DJ

Looking for a DJ school? You came to the right place! DJ schools can be expensive and there are so many to choose from. Choosing the right Dj school can be a confusing process so I wanted to help you out.

If you choose the wrong dj school your progress will be slow and frustrating. Choose the right dj school and you’ll progress quickly. You’ll learn to beatmatch and mix with ease and you’ll be getting gigs in no time.

So if your looking for DJ schools the most important factor to take into account is the Djs that are running the dj school! A lot of dj schools are run by local DJs that never really ended up playing any big dj gigs. They start dj schools because their DJing can’t cover their bills. They figure that it will be easy to get some money off of kids that are looking to learn to dj so they launch their dj school and the kids come flooding in.

This is NOT the kind of dj school that you want to enroll in from the beginning. A DJ school with these types of instructors can teach you the basics but they won’t be experts at getting you to mix.

These dj schools will teach you how to beatmach, mix and scratch but it will take months, if not years to get you going. Because these dj instructors rely on their dj school for money they drag out the dj classes for as long as possible.

A Dj School – What To Look For

What you want is a dj school run by professional DJs. You want your dj coaches to have played all different types of big parties and traveled the world as a dj. You want your dj school run by someone that knows how to make music and get gigs and not just put two records together.

It is these little differences that make a difference in you learning to mix and dj quickly vs struggling for years. That’s right… I said years!

The challenge you’re going to have in finding a dj school with pro dj instructors is that they are few and few between. Most dj schools are run by DJs that don’t know what they’re doing.

Dj School Tip #2

Secondly, if you can find a dj school out there that has awesome instructors, its not going to be cheap. Average dj schools in NYC for example charge $50 – $100 per 1 hour lesson. Top level dj schools, the ones that you want to be going to, can bill you up to $250 per hour and more. And they can justify charging this rate because the dj school instructors are all pro DJs that get paid thousands and thousands per gig. They won’t get out of bed for less than $250.

So you’re going to need to drop a few thousand dollars on this type of high quality dj lessons. But you probably don’t have a few thousand dollars. I know I didn’t when I was looking for dj schools.

So if you can’t afford a top quality, in person dj school, I highly recommend an online dj school. There are a number of very high quality dj schools online that offer video training and advice that rivals the advice from the top pro djs.

In fact a lot of the dj schools online are run by top pro djs. They travel too much to teach lessons in 1 city so they set up shop online.

Not only is the quality on online dj schools and online dj training like videos or dvds awesome, its also a lot less expensive as well! Instead of paying $2000+ for top level lessons, you should only have to invest $100 max on a top quality online dj school.

This is a lot better than $250 per 1 hour lesson because you can watch the online videos over and over again. Its almost as if you have your very own dj school at home that you can call on any time day or night.

So if you’re going to go with a dj school I recommend that you go for a dj school online. There are lots of great online dj schools and dj training products out there. Just be open to an online dj school and your DJing will succeed as a result!

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