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New DJ Schools Pop Up Online & At Major Universities

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So you’re interested in going to a DJ school. Thousands of DJs all around the world attend DJ schools to learn how to DJ like a pro. Most DJ schools you’ll find are found on the wrong side of the tracks in a dark, cramped basement. Walking down and hearing the music and seeing all of the gear cluttering the room will get you excited but this isn’t the only kind of DJ school around.

There are lots of DJ Schools online and now even the biggest universities offer courses on music production, nightlife and DJing. Take the example of Yale – one of the world’s top Ivy League schools (Ivy League being snobbery lingo for top school). To go to Yale you may have to take out a mortgage on your parents house or sell your kidney (the latter probably being easier). But even the rich kids want to know how to party. Thats why Yale unleashed a course called “Nightlife Culture”.

The class actually goes out to different nightclubs (The Boom Boom Room in New York City is shown above), partakes and then discusses topics like “how to be a dj” and “how to get past the lineup of a nightclub”.

This is great news for younger aspiring DJs that have parents that want them to go to university or another form of post secondary education. This way you can keep your parents happy and go to DJ School where you can learn to DJ!

In the months and years to come we’ll see more and more of these dj schools pop up at traditional schools all around the country.

Do you think this is the future of the DJ school?

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