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Everything You Need To Know To Choose The Right DJ Setup For You!

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So you’re looking for a DJ setup? I’m not surprise you ended up here. Choosing the right DJ set up is challenging. The DJ technology is intimidating and there are thousands of different pieces of Dj gear. Its enough to make your head spin!

But I’m happy you’re here because choosing your DJ setup is the most important choice you’ll have to make as a beginner DJ. Choose the wrong beginner DJ setup and you’ll struggle to learn how to DJ. Buy the right DJ set up and you’ll be beatmatching and mixing in no time. Its a thin line that you have to navigate carefully. So many DJs don’t do the research, run out and buy the first DJ setup they see a pro DJ using and they end up struggling and giving up.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing your DJ setup:

You walk into the DJ gear store and you feel overwhelmed. One day the one clerk says “These Pioneer CDJ 1000s are sick. They’re industry standard DJ setup.”, the next day another clerk will say “Digital is the way to go with your DJ set up. Tracktor or Serato all the way”. Lets not even get started on the vinyl diehard who says “Vinyl is the only forum of DJing. Checkout these Technics turntables. These are the best beginner DJ setup.”

So where do you start?

DJ Setup Tip #1: Physical or Digital

This is the first question you need to answer in determining your ideal DJ setup. What kind of musical medium do you want to be playing? Physical – CDs or vinyl – or digital only using software.

I’ve DJ’d with all mediums: cassette tapes, vinyl, CDs and laptops with DJ software. I love the feeling of physical mediums like CDs and vinyl as do most DJs. Its amazing to feel the beats with your fingertips as you’re mixing. But the allure of playing music digitally is so strong as well. Its amazing to just carry a laptop into gigs and have access to thousands more songs than if you were carrying a dusty old crate of records or CD wallet!

But since they came out with the DJ controller to work with the laptops, it is the ultimate setup. What do I mean by DJ controller? I mean something like this:

DJ set up
Numark Mixtrack Pro

Its a controller that lets you mix as though you were playing on vinyl but it controls the software on the computer. So you get the physical touch aspect of vinyl or CDJs (yes, you can scratch) and yet you get the easy to move around digital setup (+ free music if you decided not to support the artist and download music online instead of buying it).

Best of all, CDJs can cost up to $1500 each. Vinyl turntables like Technics aren’t cheap either. $400+ each. Then you need to buy a mixer on top of that which will be at least another $400. A physical setup can get expensive REAL quick. An awesome digital setup like the Numark Mixtrack Pro sells for $300-$400 including the controller and the awesome DJ software. You can plug the controller directly into speakers or any club system so you can play out with it. And it doesn’t take up nearly as much space as a full set of CDJs or vinyl turntables. Now thats a DJ setup for a great price!

DJ Setup Tip #2: Should I Spend All My Money On My DJ Set Up?

Another HUGE mistake new DJs make is that they think the most expensive DJ setup is the best for them. Actually, the opposite is true. The more money you spend on a DJ set up, the more features you’re going to get. The more features you have, the longer it will take you to learn the important parts of DJing – like beatmatching – because you’ll be too busy playing with the Bells and Whistles.

The best advice I can give you on your DJ setup is to buy something simple to start. Save the rest of your money and invest it into some DJ training (online dj training videos are the best bang for your buck) and into building your music collection. Investing in these things will make you a MUCH better DJ a lot faster than having the fanciest piece of DJ gear.

DJ Set Up Tip #3: New Or Used Beginner DJ Setup?

Buying some things new make sense. Buying your DJ setup new usually doesn’t make sense. A new piece of DJ equipment is like a new car, as soon as you take it home from the store its lost 1/4 of its value. You can find as good as new, used DJ setups online on sites like craigslist. I highly recommend this. Just make sure that the DJ setup is in good shape. That it doesn’t have any cracks or dents. That it still has all of the buttons and knobs. And make sure you test it out to make sure its working properly. Don’t buy it unless you can hear it. If you adhere to these rules, buying used is the best way to do with your new DJ set up!

So I hope this give you some guidance! Good luck finding a good DJ setup.

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