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Is your social media strategy working?

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It doesn’t matter how long you have been DJing, the fact is that learning how to become a savvy social media expert is a big task. But as a newer DJ you won’t have access to the paid professionals who can work practically around the clock to help you network, publicize and interact with current and prospective fans. So you will have to come up with your own DJ social media strategy and that in itself is another job.

I know you’re thinking I can just post mundane things about breakfast or hanging with other DJs, right? Wrong! This is why you need not just a strategy but a strategy tailored for DJs. What a garage band needs to do to reach out to fans is different than what you need and it’s crucial that you do it right the first time.

Creating a social media strategy that works for DJs is easier than you think…as long as you’re willing to do the work.

Social Media Stigma

As DJs we are kind of predisposed to stay away from something as mainstream as Facebook and other social media platforms. It’s in our blood but it is also a mistake. As much as you would prefer to be out there making the world dance to your music, the fact is that you need those small clips of information to grab the interest of unsuspecting fans.

Sure it’s a great way to keep those who already loved you on the hook for the next bit of info, but smaller pieces of information are likely to grab the attention of new fans who may have never found you otherwise. Basically I’m telling you to get over your dislike of social media and get started today.

Build Up Content

The first step in your DJ social media strategy is to build up a library of good content. If you attempt to simply do this ‘on the fly’ it will become a huge time suck, which will only encourage you to maintain a lackluster social media presence.

Instead start planning, much in the way a magazine does; a month at a time. Do you have enough photos to cover every day of the month? What about tracks, unreleased or old school or whatever? And then there’s new stuff you’re working on, artists you love are working on, thoughts on DJing in general and even a contest to help you create a flyer or your next track. This is the kind of content you should always be thinking about every day, but make sure you have enough for the first month before you begin posting.

Once you have enough for the first month you can start to sprinkle in new information like publicizing an upcoming gig or a podcast you’re doing or even an interview you’ve done. Before you realize it you’ll have well more than a month of content at any given time!

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Organize It & Schedule It

Now that you have all of your social media content stockpiled in a folder somewhere it is time to organize it by file type, relevance or topic. You want to put up at least 1 photo every day so you can start there and create the word content for each image ahead of time. This way all you need to do is post it.

How you organize it will help you figure out the best way to schedule items. I used to organize my files by type and then I began to organize it by week and it has been so much easier. I have a bunch of content I plan to publish for the week so then I can take the time I need to put it all together and then schedule it. This helps with my DJ social media strategy without requiring me to be tied to social media all day, every day.

Set Social Media Goals

Since you likely don’t have access to a publicist you will need to figure out your own goals for social media. Your goals should be realistic but also pretty involved so start with a low number you can deal with and add a few to it. For example you will want to start low so you can spend as much time DJing as possible so you’ll promise to post to Facebook and Twitter once a day. Avoid that impulse and increase it to 2 Facebook posts each day and 5 tweets.

But since you already have that content stockpiled and you are making an effort to find some content every day…that won’t be a problem.

I know it seems tedious but in order to continually grow your fan base you need to keep you and your music fresh in their memories. Regularity and consistency are the keys to a solid and workable DJ social media strategy. Not every post has to be high quality content but it should offer something, even if it’s just a great new track you came across while you were searching for music.

Start planning today so you can have a bigger fan base in the future.

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