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Most of us knew that when DJ apps started to pop up for iOS and Android that eventually they would become part of the DJs box of tools. In the last few years however iOS has pulled ahead of the bunch, showing signs of greater functionality and maturity. While in those early days most of us found these apps a novelty, fun little tricks to break out to impress a cute girl or to introduce new DJs to the fun of this digital art form.

But now the DJ software produced, mostly for the iOS platform, is full of features that DJs actually need. Whether you’re a professional mobile DJ with tons of gigs lined up or the recreational mixer, these apps provide high quality solutions. Of course some apps, like all DJ software, are better than others so let’s take a look at your choices.

Cross DJ

This DJ software app works with the iPhone and iPad so choose your tool and download this app free with other in-app purchases. But for just $4.99 you can get a full featured version of the program that includes essential controls all DJs need. Cross DJ is compatible with Midi devices and you can control your hardware, which is important for mobile DJs who are looking to travel lighter.

It has a sleek interface that makes it look as good as other top selling digital DJ apps. The one area where Cross DJ really stands out is SoundCloud integration, which doesn’t help if you’re not looking for that but it is definitely something to consider.

djay 2

The latest update for djay comes with Spotify integration so you can access literally millions of songs quickly, but you’ll also find sampler features, additional effects for purchase, drum pads and even hardware control. For $9.99 you will get all the effects packs that djay 2 has to offer, but for just $2.49 you can get a basic version without all the add-ons.

Of course if you want to take advantage of the Spotify integration feature you will need a Wi-Fi connection, or 3G (or 4G and whatever other ‘G’ is available in your area) or go without it. But inexperienced DJs will make sure to always have a connection to Spotify because the Match service lets you find songs that are similar to your current track. It’s a great tool to help newer DJs learn on the job, so load it onto your iPhone or iPad and let it work for you.


DJ Player

DJ Player may not be as popular as the other two DJ software apps listed here but it is a great app for new digital DJs. This software works with both the iPad and iPhone and for just $9.99 you can access all the features on any iOS device. While you may not be familiar with DJ Player it has been in the game since the early days of DJ software apps, which means it has learned from mistakes of the past. You get DVS integration, incredible library sorting and it is mappable with pretty much any Midi controller with a USB. Like its contemporaries DJ Player uses the streaming service Deezer.

The only thing that’s really upsetting about DJ Player is the awful look of it. The interface can best be described as cramped, which matters for new DJs learning the ropes on a touch screen. The app is great for newbies, but it could stand a better design.


We’ve talked about software that helps you DJ but now it’s time to talk about a new type of software that can help you translate your downloads into like. Of course Hypeddit only matters for DJs with original songs on SoundCloud but I’m guessing there are more and more DJs out there turning to SoundCloud to publish their music. For $5 per month or just $49 per year you can see how people are actually responding to your music.

In the ‘regular’ world people can listen to your track and move on. With Hypeddit they download your track and then get redirected to your ‘Fan Gate’ where they can choose to download & like or follow your fan gate.

The fee is nominal to help you build your fan base because while it’s great to have tons of downloads, it means very little if you don’t know what people think about the music they’ve heard.

Digital DJs

If you’re still skeptical about how well DJ software apps actually work during a gig, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you’ll find the same software available for a pretty nominal fee. Mobile DJs especially are encouraged to check out these DJ apps because they can help you decrease how much you have to carry from your car to the DJ booth and back for every gig.

What’s your favorite DJ app?

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